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Dovid Knut's First Volume of Poetry – Paris, 1925 – Inscribed by the Poet to Baruch Agadati

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Моих тысячелетий [My Millennia], by Dovid Knut. Paris: Птицелов (Pticelov), 1925. Russian.
The first volume of poetry by Dovid Knut (1900-1955), a Jewish-Russian poet, one of the founders of a Jewish resistance movement that operated in occupied France during World War II. On the title page, a handwritten inscription by Knut, in Russian, to Baruch Agadati (dated: Paris, 21.1.1926).
Duvid Meerovich Fiksman, better known by his literary name, Dovid Knut, was born in the Bessarabian town of Orgeev (today Orhei, Moldova). In his childhood, he studied in a 'cheder' and in the Chisinau Jewish school. His poems were first published in local periodicals when he was only 14. In 1920, he moved with his family to Paris, where he joined circles of Russian poets and published his first volume of poetry. Over the years, he adopted Zionism and in 1937 even visited Palestine, with his partner Ariadna Scriabina. After the outbreak of World War II, Knut was conscripted into the French army and in 1940, after marrying Ariadna, moved with her to Toulouse. The couple were among the founders of the organization "La Main Forte" [The strong hand], which became the "Armée Juive" (Jewish Army), a prominent movement in the French Resistance during World War II, which assisted in the rescue of many Jews. In late 1942, pursued by the Gestapo, Knut fled Toulouse to Switzerland. Ariadna was killed in 1944 by members of the French Militia, two weeks after the city was liberated. In 1949, Knut immigrated to Israel, living in Tel Aviv until his death in 1955.
The painter and dancer Baruch Agadati (1895-1976), of the pioneers of the film and dance industry in Israel and one of the prominent figures in Tel Aviv's cultural life during the 1920s and 1930s.
47, [1] pp, 19 cm. Good condition. Uneven edges. Stains. Tears, stains and blemishes to cover.