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LOT 17:

Leaf Handwritten by Rabbi Natan of Breslov (Moharnat) – From Sefer HaChezyonot by Rabbi Chaim Vital

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Leaf of Sefer HaChezyonot by R. Chaim Vital, handwritten by R. Natan Sternhartz of Breslov (Moharnat), prominent disciple of R. Nachman of Breslov.
The leaf (two pages), which contains a copying from the book Sefer HaChezyonot by R. Chaim Vital, is handwritten by R. Natan of Breslov. The following heading appears at the top of both pages: "Sefer HaChazon – Part II" (this was how R. Natan referred to Sefer HaChezyonot, as seen in a letter sent to his son, in which he quotes this work: "And I explicitly saw in the book of R. Chaim Vital, named Sefer HaChazon" – Alim LiTerufa, letter from Sunday eve, Vaera 1836, Jerusalem 2000 edition, p. 412).
Sefer HaChezyonot is the personal diary of R. Chaim Vital (Maharchu) – the prominent disciple of the Arizal, in which he records his dreams and visions. This leaf comprises the following passages: In the first passage, R. Chaim Vital documents the Arizal's arrival in Safed and later, his passing: "And two years later, my teacher the Ashkenazi came to Safed… and my teacher passed away…". The second passage contains a lengthy description of a dream R. Chaim Vital had on 13th Av 1572, in which a battle with Evil forces transpired. The third passage documents a dream-question posed by R. Chaim Vital, in which he requests to attain understanding in Kabbalah. The fourth passage recounts his dream of praying on Simchat Torah in the Greek synagogue in Safed, prayer which was attended by R. Moshe Cordovero and another prominent figure, whose identity he forgot upon awakening ("And after I awoke, I forgot whether it was the Tanna R. Pinchas ben Yair or Elazar ben Yochai of our generation…").
R. Natan Sternhartz of Nemirov (Nemyriv) – Moharnat of Breslov (1780-1844), close disciple and disseminator of the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and his successor as leader of Breslov Chassidism. During his teacher's lifetime, he was the personification of a disciple, and just like R. Chaim Vital disseminated and revealed the teachings of the Arizal, R. Natan revealed and disseminated the teachings of R. Nachman throughout the world. He arranged and published his teacher's works (including: Likutei Moharan, Sefer HaMidot, Sipurei Maasiot, and others). Reputedly, R. Nachman once declared that if not for R. Natan, not even one leaf of his writings would have survived. R. Natan's own compositions expound upon and explain the teachings of R. Nachman. His magnum opus was Likutei Halachot – Chassidic instructions based on the teachings of R. Nachman of Breslov, following the order of topics in Shulchan Aruch. R. Natan was renowned from his youth as an exceptional Torah scholar, who worshipped G-d with complete devotion and extraordinary fervor. His prayers and holiness were legendary. His detailed biography is recorded in Chayei Moharnat and BaEsh UBaMayim – Toldot Moharnat, Jerusalem, 1996.
[1] leaf (2 written pages. Approx. 50 autograph lines). 17 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Tears, worming and damage (slightly affecting several letters), professionally restored. Elegant leather binding.