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LOT 15:

Collection of Draft Leaves Handwritten by the Steipler – Glosses and Additions to His Books Kehilot Yaakov

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Sold for: $3,400
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$ 3,000
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Auction house commission: 23%
VAT: On commission only

Large collection of leaves. Some leaves are handwritten by R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky – the Steipler, and others are typewritten, with many emendations and additions in his handwriting.
These leaves comprise chapters and sections on various topics throughout the Talmud, printed in his books Kehilot Yaakov, with glosses, emendations and many lengthy additions, handwritten by the author.
The Kehilot Yaakov series was first published in ten parts in 1936-1956, and consisted of chapters of treatises on various topics. The author later rearranged his writings according to the order of the Talmudic tractates. The Steipler would toil extensively over editing and correcting his books. He added to and enhanced his writings over and over again, editing the contents and wording, leaving not one sentence or topic unclear. This collection includes dozens of typewritten leaves, containing various sections from the Kehilot Yaakov series, with glosses and the addition of entire passages in the author's handwriting. These additions were incorporated in later editions of Kehilot Yaakov.
R. Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (1899-1985), an extraordinary Torah leader of the past generation. He was known as the Steipler, an appellation derived from his hometown Hornostaipil, Ukraine. A foremost student of the Novardok yeshivot in Ukraine and Poland, he was reputed as one of the most diligent and scholarly students in the yeshiva world. Following his marriage to the sister of the Chazon Ish, he was appointed dean of the Novardok yeshiva in Pinsk, and in 1934, he immigrated to Eretz Israel to serve as dean of the Beit Yosef – Novardok yeshiva in Bnei Brak. For many years, he lived in Bnei Brak in the same house as his brother-in-law, the Chazon Ish. After the yeshiva shut down, he continued his studies in Kollel Chazon Ish and in his home, and authored the Kehillot Yaakov series on most Talmudic topics and tractates. He was known as a wonder-worker benefiting from Divine Inspiration, and many sought his blessings and counsel.
[74] leaves (approx. 93 written/typewritten pages). Average size: 33 cm. Most leaves in good condition. Minor stains. Foxing. Tears to a few leaves, affecting text.

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