Auction 18 KooKoo spoiled little auction of young contemporary Israeli art
Sep 24, 2019 (Your local time)

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-איזבלה (בלה) וולווניק עם 6 רישומים מדהימים ושני שמנים על קנבס 

-נועה איירוניק בוגרת שנקר, ציירת הסוסים המבטיחה ששווה לכם להכיר 

-כמובן ג׳ולי פיליפנקו עם שני רישומים מרהיבים ושימו לב, לראשונה בקוקו, שתי עבודות מקור של האמנית אקריליק על עץ!!! *לחטוף* 

-שימו לב גם לציירת הריאליסטית רוני יפה, עבודות שמן יפייפיות במחירים שיש רק בקוקו 

תמצאו גם שתי יצירות מופת של חנן מילנר, עבודות של גיל דסיאנו-ביטון, אביגיל בר, KOT-ART, בינסקי ועוד 

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תהנו :)

איסוף מרמת גן, כמו תמיד נערוך משלוחים לכל חלקי הארץ 

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LOT 25:

Isabella (Bella) Volovnik ''TROPHY'' 2019

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Sold for: $150
Start price:
$ 150
Estimated price:
$300 - $500
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: On commission only

Acrylic and Oil pencils on paper
21/15 cm 

Isabella Volovnik, 24, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Midrasha art. 1995, Jerusalem

Pay attention to the young, award-winning artist, introduced in Rosenfeld before the age of 24, selected as the most promising young artist (attached links articles)

"I'm a painter and sketcher at every bone in my body. Thematically, I employ images of power - that is, those who portray violent action or include a figure with the power to subordinate others. One with my scale of values ​​and this tension drives me. In my paintings you will find bitches, father figures, gangbang pornographic scenes and other bad animals with whom I kept in eye contact." One of her works is in the Haifa Museum collection.

Timeout: "We Found the Youngest Promising Artist in Israel"תערוכות-בוגרים-בצלאל-והמדרשה-2018/

Interview with Calcalist:,7340,L-3743014,00.html 

2013 graduated with honors at the Thelma Yellin National High School of Arts

2015-18 Bachelor of Arts and Art Education a.F.d.e.B in Art College, Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College.

2016-2018 Technical Assistant in the Digital Printing Lab at the Midrash Photography Department.

2019-2018 Lecturer in the Midrasha Art, "Junction - Art Language" course (for first year students)

2019 - 2018 Teacher for Photoshop of 10th Grade Art Students, Alon High School


2016 Solo Exhibition curated by Judith Guetta at the College of Photography's Guest Gallery

Hadassah Academic, Jerusalem

January 2018:

Exhibited at the Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel Aviv a double exhibition with artist Zamir Schatz ("Lies and Laundry Powder") alongside an exhibition

Personally in the gallery project room.


Exhibited at the Haifa Museum of Art in the "it Shop" exhibition until January 2019.

May 2019:

Presented at the Steinhardt New Museum of Nature as part of the Zoom Project - Young Israeli Artists Exhibition

In collaboration with the Israel Museum


Present a solo exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art as part of a cluster of "What If Women Ruled the World" Exhibitions


2013 Scholarship for a Bachelor's Degree in Art Studies at Beit Berl (based on the final exhibition she presented at Thelma Yell)

2015 award from the museum of Israel:

As part of the "On the Threshold" exhibition in the Youth Wing of the Israel Museum, which included selected works by

Students from around the country, Isabella presented video work and painting from the high school thesis and won the place

The first and a cash prize from the museum.

2017 Dean's Excellence Award at NIS 4,000 Midrash College of Art (Beit Berl College)



Dean's Excellence Award at NIS 4,000 Midrash Art for Beit Berl College (Fourth Year)


Rafi Lavie Excellence Award (5000 NIS)


NIS 5000 scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation

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