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LOT 237:

Rare Letter. Approximately 350 (!) Words Handwritten and Signed by the Admo"r Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch

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Rare, lengthy and most interesting letter. Partly typewritten, with the addition of corrections and characteristic punctuation marks handwritten and signed by the Rebbe. And with a rare addition of approximately 25 lines, containing 350 words, handwritten by the Rebbe. Brooklyn, 13 Elul [1949].
The letter is addressed to Rabbi Yeshayah HaLevi Horowitz (more about him later) and was written on HaMerkaz L'Inyanei Chinuch (the Center for Educational Matters) stationery, Chaba"d's most important institution. This is the activity center for arranging Ma'ayanot and the Shluchim project. The 'Center' reported directly to the Rebbe and was under his presidency. (Today, the center manages the Rebbe's private estate according to the directives in his will.) The letter was enclosed with a shipment of Kuntress Cha"i Elul which was recently printed. 
The letter deals with most important and fascinating issues. In its typewritten part, the Rebbe speaks of the leadership difference between the Besh"t and the Admo"r HaZaken and how the Besh"t would work 'miracles.' In its long handwritten part, the Rebbe addresses, inter alia, a selection of halachic and theoretical issues: whether Aristotle retracted his heretical perspective; naming a child after his father while the father is still alive; Rabbi Yehudah HaChassid's will. Regarding this, the Rebbe tells a 'Ma'aseh-Rav' that his father R' Levi Yitzchak and his uncle [Rabbi Shmuel, rabbi of Nikolayev] married two sisters, according to the directive of the Admo"r Rasha"b, who ordered them not to live in the same city. Additional halachic and Chassidic matters. (The topics of 'Edei Messirah Kreti,' 'Yesh Breirah' and several comments on Chassidic doctrine.)
Rabbi Yeshaya HaLevi Horowitz [1883-1978], was a descendant of the author of the Shla"h and of the Admo"r HaZaken (as a result, the Rebbe added the title "Sh"B" to his name). He was born to his father R' David, who was a leading disciple of the author of Avnei Nezer and founder of the Chaba"d community in Safed. R' Yeshayah was ordained by the sages of Safed and Jerusalem. He served as rabbi of Safed's Chaba"d community beginning in 1908. After his father's passing, the leadership of Kollel Chaba"d was passed on to him. However, due to the shortage in the city, he was forced to leave the country and traveled to Canada, where he settled in Winnipeg. Eventually he was appointed to a rabbinical position in Canada, which he held for more than thirty years. He ascended to Israel in 1953, and passed away there. He authored the books Yavoh Shiloh and Eden Tziyon. His son is Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, one of the most prominent Breslov Chassidim. 

[1] official leaf. 21x28 cm. Very fine condition.  
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