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Documents and Family Letters - Eisenstein Family - Jerusalem, 19th Century

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Collection of letters and manuscripts from the family archive of R. Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein, community leader in Jerusalem.
* Letter signed by R. "Avraham Eisenstein" to his son R. Chaim Yerachmiel. Jerusalem, 1886. The margins contain further letters - a letter signed by his son, R. "Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein", and a handwritten letter signed by his father-in-law, R. "Zalman Chaim Rivlin".
* Handwritten engagement document (Tenaim) for the engagement of Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein and Sara Esther bat R. Zalman Chaim Rivlin. Signatures of the witnesses: R. "Yaakov Sarazon" and R. "Zev Wolf son of the rabbi of Kovno". Jerusalem, 1883.
* Copy of a letter from the widow of R. Avraham Eisenstein regarding her husband's estate (the letter includes interesting details regarding the sale of the rights to courtyards in Jerusalem in the 1880s, and other details of the family's history). Jerusalem, [after 1886].
* Manuscript (3 leaves) of a sermon for "Shabbat Shuva" from an unknown author. The fourth page contains calligraphic signatures of "Eliyahu ben R. Avraham", evidently of R. Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein, however the handwriting and literary style of the sermon indicate that it is from an earlier time period, evidently by R. Avraham Eisenstein.
R. Avraham Eisenstein (1800-1886) was born in Drahichyn, Belarus, and moved to Safed in 1823 together with a large group of disciples of the Gra, including his father-in-law, R. Chaim Cohen, rabbi of Pinsk and Safed. In 1934 R. Avraham was appointed dayan on the rabbinical court of R. Yisrael of Shklov in Safed. His entire family perished in the earthquake of 1837 except for one young daughter, upon which he moved to Jerusalem, where he eventually remarried the daughter of R. Aryeh Neeman (Marcus). His sons R. Eliyahu Mordechai and R. Yerachmiel (who moved to the United States in the 1880s) were born from this marriage. R. Avraham was among the community leaders of Jerusalem, and served as the director of the Vaad HaKlali (General Fund). He was also a Torah scholar who edited the "Shita Mekubetzet" commentary printed in the Vilna edition of the Talmud. The signature on this letter is from the last year of his life, 1886.
His son, R. Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein (1867-1957), followed his father's footsteps as a Torah scholar and community activist. He served the community in various capacities, including treasurer of the "Vaad HaKollelim", secretary of the General Fund Knesset Yisrael, and other positions. He also served as the personal secretary of R. Shmuel Salant for a number of years. He married the daughter of R. Zalman Chaim Rivlin (ca. 1832-1902), director of the Vaad HaKlali, and upon her passing, married her sister.
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