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LOT 182:

Manuscripts by the Rabbi of Baranovichi - Rabbi David Weizel

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Large collection of manuscripts, about 16 notebooks and gathered leaves, most handwritten by R. David Wiezel and some handwritten by his son R. Shmuel Wiezel and other writers.
Talmudic novellae, halachic responsa and homilies, Bible exegesis and Aggadot Chazal, various collected works (from books of responsa and homilies, mussar and Hasidism, books of segulot, and more). Most of the notebooks are from 1946-1948, written after the Rabbi of Baranovichi returned from exile in Siberia, at the time he passed through DP camps in Prague and France. In these notebooks are inscriptions of dates and places in which he stayed during this period (13th of Tishrei 1946 - here in the Ďáblice camp, a suburb of Prague, Czechoslovakia"; "Six days of the month of Mar-Cheshvan 1946…"; "The 28th of Nissan 1947…on the day of the yartzeit of my father"; "The 19th of Cheshvan 1947"; "The 8th of Menachem Av 1948, here in Roissy, a suburb of Paris").
R. David Weizel (1875-1957), son-in-law of R. Chaim Yehuda Leib Lubchansky (the first rabbi of the Jewish community of Baranovichi). After Yehuda Leib Lubchansky passed away, he was succeeded by his son R. Yisrael Ya'akov Lubchansky (mashgiach of the Baranovitch Yeshiva) who then resigned and passed the position on to his brother-in-law R. David Weizel. R. Weizel served in the city's rabbinate for 35 years, from 1906 until he was exiled to Siberia in 1941. He was renowned for his humility and piety. R. Yerucham of Mir attested that Rabbi Weizel was the epitome of a person who flees honor yet honor pursues him (HaNe'eman Year 10, Issue 8, p. 35). After WWII, R. David served as member of the Ichud HaRabbanim in the DP camps in Prague and in 1947 arrived in Paris. He immigrated to Tel Aviv in 1949; there he lived to an old age and died in Tishrei 1957.
His son, R. Shmuel Weizel (1905-1978), was a leading disciple of the Beit Yosef - Navahrudak Yeshiva in Białystok and a childhood friend of the Steipler. Son-in-law of R. Shalom Yitzchak Segal, Rabbi of Tryškiai. He moved to Eretz Israel in 1935 and served as Rabbi of Tel Aviv neighborhoods (Ya'avetz Hatavor and from 1958 - the Brenner neighborhood).
16 items, notebooks and groups of leaves, totaling approx. 300 written pages. Size and condition vary.

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