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LOT 178:

Handwritten Pamphlets, Eulogies by Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Jaffe and by his Grandson

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Collection of handwritten pamphlets:
· Three eulogies handwritten by R. Mordechai Gimpel Jaffe Rabbi of Raseiniai (Lithuania) and of Yehud (Eretz Yisrael): eulogy for the Malbim and for R. Nachum of Grodno (with many unknown details of the history of R. Nachum of Grodno); eulogy for R. Aryeh Leib son of R. Noach Pines of Raseiniai who died in Nice, France in 1880; eulogy for R. Ya'akov Mordechai Pines who died in Cheshvan 1885. At the end of the eulogies is a chart for deciphering the many acronyms in the manuscript.
· Masa Evel - eulogy for Baron David Ginzburg, in the handwriting of the grandson of R. Mordechai Gimpel, R. Ya'akov HaCohen Walk of Pinsk. [Pinsk-Vilna, Tevet 1911].
· 2 leaves written by one of R. Mordechai Gimpel's grandsons. Outline of the biography of his illustrious grandfather.
Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Jaffe (1820-1891), a leading Lithuanian Torah scholar during the days of the Netziv and of R. Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor. Disciple of R. Yitzchak of Volozhin who foretold that R. Jaffe would become a prominent Torah leader. He served in the Derechin rabbinate and later relocated to serve in the Raseiniai rabbinate, a position he held for 36 years until his aliya to Eretz Israel in 1888. After his aliya, he settled in the new settlement of Yehud, attracting a group of Torah scholars to form a study group. Upon his arrival in Yehud, R. Mordechai Gimpel became the spiritual-religious leader of the new yishuv in Eretz Israel. During the shemitah polemic of 1889, R. Mordechai Gimpel was one of the key leaders opposing any deviations from the laws of shemitah (claiming that the Jewish people exiled from Eretz Israel because they transgressed the laws of shemitah and the very existence of the new settlements hang upon adherence to these laws) and he supported the farmers who staunchly kept the laws of shemitah in spite of the dire circumstances.
Very few of R. Mordechai Gimpel's writings were printed and most of his works were lost throughout the years (during the great fire in Slonim, WWI and WWII, see the introduction by his grandson R. Ya'akov Walk to the book Techelet Mordechai, Jerusalem 1954).
R. Ya'akov HaCohen Volk (1875-1965), son of R. Zvi Hirsh Walk Rabbi of Pinsk, author of Keter Kehuna on the Sifri was R. Gimpel's grandson.
[30] pages, 19 cm, handwritten by R. Mordechai Gimpel + [3] biography pages written in pencil by his grandson + [10] pages, 21 cm, handwritten by his grandson R. Ya'akov Walk.

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