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LOT 148:

Manuscript of Torah Novellae by a Polish Torah Scholar - With an Unknown Essay by the Sokolov Rebbe

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$ 400
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Manuscript, complete composition of Torah novellae on Talmudic treatises, on Tractates Gittin, Mo'ed, Chulin, etc, and a few homilies. By an unidentified writer. [Poland, c. 1900s-1910s].
At the beginning of the composition (instead of an introduction), the copier writes: "A letter by the holy Sokolov Rebbe to R. Chaim Yosef---". A long scholarly essay, mentioning kabbalistic and Chassidic topics, an explanation of the saying: "He who studies halachot each day". [Apparently, this essay of the Sokolov Rebbe was never printed and is not known].
Handwritten by the author. Some pages are written in an organized manner (arranged in two columns) and some are less organized - displaying the initial stages of writing. The writer is unidentified, nevertheless from the content we can surmise his place and surroundings. Several times, he mentions things from the book Chemdat Yisrael and its author "the Rabbi Gaon of Dvohrt" [R. Meir Dan Plotsky, who was Rabbi of Dvohrt (Warta) during 1891-1918]. In several places he mentions the Radad novellae and Ahavat David [by R. David Dov Meizlish Rabbi of Łask], and Chedvat Ya'akov [by his son R. Zvi Aryeh Yehuda Ya'akov Meizlish. Part 1 was printed in 1903]. On page [74/b] the writer poses a question "asked by my friend, son-in-law of the Łask Rabbi". He often mentions the teachings of Polish and Lithuanian Torah scholars: The Ciechanów Rebbe, the Nefesh Chaya and the Avnei Nezer, the book Oneg Yom Tov, teachings of "the Gaon Rabbi of Dvinsk", and the Ridvaz commentary on the Yerushalmi.
On page [66/b] is an unclear date: "Parshat Vayikra and Parshat HaChodesh …". On page [48/b], the writer mentions his lineage which can be traced to the author of Panim Me'irot. In several places, he refers to things he explained elsewhere.
On the endpaper is an ownership inscription: "This notebook with Torah novellae belongs to… R. Ya'akov Landau of the city Zdunska Wola of the Kalisz district" (Poland). On the flyleaves are more ownership inscriptions and various other inscriptions: "Moshe Landau, "From - Moshe Meir Landau", "Shlomo Menachem - Zalman Mendel", etc.
Approximately [160] written pages. 29 cm. High quality paper. Good-fair condition, wear and detached leaves. Torn detached binding.

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