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LOT 147:

Collection of Handwritten Chassidic Essays - Ruzhyn and Chortkov Rebbes

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Collection of handwritten leaves of Chassidic essays and letters by various writers. [Chortkov-Vienna, 1900s-1930s].
Some of the items contain teachings of R. Yisrael of Ruzhyn and most are teachings of his grandson R. Yisrael of Chortkov. The content of some of these leaves has been printed with variations and some have never been printed. For example, "An essay by the Chortkov Rebbe for Shabbat Chanuka 1902" has not been printed, but certain parts of this essay exist in various other essays by the Rebbe [see enclosed material]. Two leaves are in the handwriting of R. Yisrael Rappapot - the Chortkov Rabbi who was the first editor of the writings of R. Yisrael of Chortkov which were printed in the book Tiferet Yisrael (1904). On one of these leaves is a letter (or copy of a letter) from 1904 sent from the Stolin court to R. Rappaport bearing the signature of R. Yisrael Shalom Gloiberman [mashbak (assistant) of R. Yisrael Perlow of Karlin-Stolin], confirming receiving money sent by the Rebbe for the book "whose worth cannot be evaluated in gold…".
7 items. Approximately 13 written pages. Size and condition vary.

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