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LOT 145:

Tehillim with Ollelot Yehuda - Copy of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund Ga'avad of the Eda HaCharedit

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Tehillim, with Rashi and Metzudot commentary, and with the Ollelot Yehuda commentary, by Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, Rabbi of Satmar, author of Zichron Yehuda. Satmar, 1927. First edition.
Stamps of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund from the time he was "Ra'avad of the Satmar community" and more stamps from Jerusalem: "Moshe Aryeh Freund son of the Mahari - Av Beit Din of Huedin, at present Rabbi of Beit Yisrael and its surroundings on behalf of the Eda HaCharedit of Jerusalem".
R. Moshe Aryeh Freund (1904-1996), son of R. Yisrael Freund, Rabbi of Rodna and Huedin (d.1940) and grandson of Rebbe Avraham Yehoshua Freund of Nasaud (1855-1932, son of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Freund head of Siget community in the time of the Yitav Lev and the Kedushat Yom Tov). A loyal disciple of Satmar Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum, he served as posek in Satmar and as Rabbi of Nasaud from 1938. After the Holocaust, he moved to Jerusalem and served as head of the Satmar Yeshiva and posek in Jerusalem eventually becoming Ra'avad of the Eda HaCharedit. After the death of the author of Minchat Yitzchak, R. Moshe Aryeh was appointed Ra'avad of the Eda HaCharedit. Throughout the years, he became renowned as a tsaddik and wonder-worker and his blessing were sought by people in distress. The Rama Talmud Torah and Yeshiva in Jerusalem and in Kiryat Rama in Beit-Shemesh were named after him.
[4], 256 leaves (lacking the additional 8 leaves at the end). 21.5 cm. Brittle paper. Good-fair condition, wear and stains. Few tears. Elaborate leather binding.
Full Book of Tehillim, without the additional 8 leaves at the end of prayers for Lel Hoshana Raba, the publisher's epilogue and names of the volunteers and signatures.

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