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LOT 131:

Mishnayot Tiferet Yisrael - Copy of the First Boston Rebbe, Rabbi Pinchas David Horowitz - Many Glosses

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Mishnayot Seder Nashim - with the commentaries of Tiferet Yisrael, R. Ovadia of Bartenura and Ikar Tosfot Yom Tov, and with the Kuntress Avi-Ezer, Piskei Halachot Even HaEzer, by R. Gedalia Lifshitz. Vilna, 1891.
On the last page is a stamp of R. "Pinchas David HaLevi Horowitz". Many long handwritten glosses (in pencil) by an unidentified writer, with scholarly content.
R. Pinchas David Horowitz (1876-1941) was the founder of the Boston Chassidic dynasty. Son of the daughter of Rebbe Elazar Menachem Mendel of Lelów. He was born in Jerusalem and studied Torah from his formative years. In 1913, he was sent as emissary of Kollel Galicia and with the outbreak of WWI, he reached the city of Boston in the USA. There, he established a large court and was one of the first rebbes in the US. He was very active in teaching Torah and expended much effort in performing charitable deeds. His son is Rebbe Levi Yitzchak Horowitz from Boston (1821-2010), a member of Mo'etzet Gedolei HaTorah who perpetuated his father's ways and was very active in assisting other people, visiting the ill and kiruv. The second son of Rabbi Pinchas David is R. Moshe Horwitz, the Boston-NY Rebbe.
[3], 2-183 leaves; [2], 2-16 leaves. 22.5 cm. Brittle paper. Good-fair condition. Wear and minor tears. Slight worming. Torn binding.

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