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LOT 128:

Taharat HaKodesh - Bilozirka, 1806 - Copy of Rebbe David Twersky of Makariv, Son-In-Law of the Magid of Turiysk

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Taharat HaKodesh, kabbalistic and mussar practices, two parts, by R. Binyamin Wolf. Bialozorka, 1806. Served as a source for many books of practices and kavanot of prayer printed thereafter.
On the margins of several leaves are four ownership inscriptions: "Belongs to R. David son of the R. of Makariv" - R. David Twersky of Makariv (died 1903), son of Rebbe Ya'akov Yitzchak Twersky of Makariv (1828-1892), and son-in-law of Rebbe Avraham Twersky "the Magid of Turiysk" (1806-1889).
Approbation by R. Aryeh Yehuda Leib son of R. Shalom Segal of Zbarazh and from Volochysk, who signed "while traveling to the Holy Land", submitted to the printer at the time the printing house was founded. Rabbi Aryeh Yehudah Leib of Volochysk was a disciple of the Maggid of Mezerich and a leading rabbi in his times. Mechutan of the Chozeh of Lublin and of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. In 1805, he ascended to Eretz Israel with his family and was buried in Safed in 1813 in the Tsaddikim cave located between the tombs of the Ari and Yosef Karo.
[4], 66 leaves; 58 leaves. 21 cm. Greenish paper. Overall very-good condition with the exception of the title page and restored worming. New binding.
One of only three Hebrew books printed in Bialozorka (Ukraine), in the printing press established by the heirs of Rabbi Moshe the Printer in Minkovtsy. See A. Yaari, The Hebrew Printing Press in Minkovtsy, Kiryat Sefer, 19, 1942-1943, page 268.

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