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LOT 113:

Tzemach Hashem L'Zvi - Berdychiv, 1818 - First Edition

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 Tzemach Hashem L'Zvi, Chassidic articles on the Torah, by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh of Nadvirna. [Berdychiv, c. 1818]. First edition. Printed by Rabbi Yisrael Bak. The author, Rebbe Zvi Hirsh of Nadvirna (1740-1802, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut Vol 3, pp. 604-607) was one of the leading third generation Chassidic rebbes. Disciple of the Magid of Mezritch. His primary teacher was R. Yechiel Michel of Złoczew, who was known to say that Rabbi Zvi Hirsh was the greatest of his disciples and that Eliyahu HaNavi desires his closeness. Rabbi Zvi Hirsh's disciples include Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh of Zhydachiv, Rabbi Avraham David of Buchach and others. He wrote many books and was famous for his primary work Tzemach Hashem L'Zvi. His book Alfa Beta merited many editions and Rabbi Eliezer Papo, author of Pele Yo'etz copied the book and included it in his composition. [3], 28; 138 leaves. Blue paper. 20 cm. Condition varies, good-fair. Stains and wear, damages and gluing to title page and several other leaves. Old worn binding. Includes leaf [3] (with the third approbation and omissions from Parshiot Ki Tisa and Shmini) which is found only in part of the copies. The date of printing is according to A. Ya'ari, The Hebrew Printing in Berdychiv, Kiryat Sefer, 21, 1944-1945, pp. 120-121. The title page ornamentation, a Torah shield, is the device of Rabbi Yisrael Bak's printing press. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 500.

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