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LOT 34:

Bible, Paris 1539-1543 - Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim

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Sold for: $1,400
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$ 800
Auction house commission: 23%
VAT: On commission only

Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim. Paris, 1539-1543. "By the behest of Roberto Stephanus and in his home…in Paris".
Two volumes. Vol. 1: Yeshaya (1539), Yirmiyahu (1540), Yechezkel (1541), Daniel (1540), Trei Asar (1539). The book of Malachi is lacking and was replaced using a later edition of the Bible (19th century).
Vol. 2: Divrei HaYamim (1543), Ezra and Nechemia (1541), Iyov (1540), Tehillim (1540), Mishlei (1540), the Five Megillot (1540).
Soon after this printing (1543-1546), Roberto Stephanus printed this same edition in a small format (see next item).
Each book has a title page. The text is vowelized. Daniel and Ezra have Mesorah notations in the margins. The Radak commentary is added to Trei Asar.
2 volumes. Separate pagination for each volume. 23 cm. High-quality paper. Good condition. Stains. Inscription in several places. Detached leaves or gatherings (signatures). Old damaged bindings.

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