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Manuscript - Halachic Responsum Regarding an Agunah - Documentation of the Killings during the "Bloody Week" in ...

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Manuscript - Halachic Responsum Regarding an Agunah - Documentation of the Killings during the "Bloody Week" in Paris, May 1871
Handwritten pamphlet, long halachic responsum regarding an Agunah. Wizajny (Lithuania), Tevet 1871.
Responsum regarding the agunah Chaya Sarah daughter of R. Shalom Lapidot from the city of Linovo near Wizajny, whose husband Yechezkel Wortelsky vanished in Paris on the second day of the Festival of Shavuot 1871 during the great tumult which befell the city at the time soldiers of the French Army faught in the streets of Paris.
At the beginning of the pamphlet is a copy of letters testifying to the event, by French rabbis R. "Tzaddok son of R. Eliezer HaCohen Rabbi of Paris" and R. "Eliezer Ozider teacher in France", who write that apparently the missing person was shot down in the streets of Paris and was buried without identification.
That year, the Festival of Shavuot was on May 26-27, 1871, about two weeks after France surrendered in the Franco-Prussian War. May 21-28, 1871 are known in France as "La Semaine Sanglante" - "the Bloody Week". During the conquest of Paris by the French Army [of the Versailles government] from the revolutionists [the Paris commune], and during eight days of cruel street-combat, tens of thousands of revolutionists as well as unarmed innocent citizens were shot dead in Paris.
The writer of the responsum is apparently R. Shmuel Zvi HaLevi Wein - the Rabbi of Wizajny, (Otzar HaRabbanim 19623), son of the renowned Rabbi Moshe Aryeh HaLevi Av Beit Din of Eišiškės, Ponevezh and Jonava [a leading rabbi of his times who in 1872 wrote an approbation on the first edition of the book Chafetz Chaim, died in 1892]. Rabbi Shmuel Zvi served in the rabbinates of Ponevezh and Jonava and in ca. 1870, was appointed Rabbi of Wiżajny (near Kalvarija), and was renowned as a sharp, clever Torah genius. Afterwards, he traveled to the USA [before 1888] and for over 40 years held a rabbinical position. He was one of the greatest New York rabbis serving in the Borough Park rabbinate and heading the Great Beit Din which was established in opposition to Agudat HaKehillot. He died in the 1920s.
45 written pages. 19.5 cm. Neat writing with frames on all pages. Brittle paper. Fair-poor condition. Tears and heavy wear, slightly affecting text.

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