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Genealogy Written on Vellum - Lvov, 1860s

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Genealogy of the Ellenberg family, by R. Chaim Yosef Ellenberg, rabbi in Lvov. Scribal writing on vellum. [Lvov (Lemberg), c. 1860s].
Detailed genealogy of the families of Frankel-Te'omim, Hollis, Luria, Wahl, HaCohen Rappaport. The writer also refers to the descendants of the following rabbis: the Maharshal and the Maharam of Lublin, the Turei Zahav and Kikayon D'Yonah, R. Shaul Wahl [King of Poland for a day] and his grandfather, the Maharam of Padua.
This family tree reveals hitherto unknown genealogical data: For example, the information that R. Zalman, Rabbi of Biale is the son of R. Ya'akov, Rabbi of Ludmir [see: M. Wunder, Elef Margaliot, p. 462 who wrote that: "Some say that R. Shlomo Zalman, Rabbi of Biale was the son of R. Yosef, Rabbi of Leshniv who was the son of R. Ya'akov of Ludmir"].
R. Chaim Yosef Ellenberg was a prominent Dayan in Lvov (1834-1878) and a member of the Beit Din of R. Yosef Shaul Natanson, Rabbi of Lvov, author of Sho'el U'Meshiv. He arranged the responsa and novellae of R. Y. S. Natanson for print. Many of the responses in the book Sho'el U'Meshiv were forwarded to R. Ellenberg and R. Natanson greatly esteemed his opinion.
Vellum sheet: 43X42 cm. Good condition. Stains and folding marks.