Auction 24 Auction No. 24 A special auction of Judaica details and rare and important Hasidic books from a private collection
Jul 31, 2019 (Your local time)
 Harav Kook Street 10 Bnei Brak

Auction no. 24

Will take place on Wednesday 28 Tamuz 5769 

31 July. 2019 

In the Achim Center of Rabbi Akiva st. 86, Bnei Brak 

At 20:00 Israel time  

The auction has ended

LOT 016:

Makelo shel Aharon—first edition, Aleksnitz 1768. Rare book from a rare printer.

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Sold for: $300
Start price:
$ 120
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only

Chiddushim on the Torah by Rabbi Aharon ben Natan Neta Halprin of Trembovla—first edition. 23 pages unnumbered (25 in the original—the two first pages after the cover are missing). Tears and defects, the pages are all disconnected with wear, generally bad condition. Rare book, especially from a rare printer in Aleksnitz, in which only around 20 Hebrew books were ever printed. Rabbi Aharon ben Natan Neta Halprin (1700-1770) was the son-in-law of the Naggid Ramam of Narol. He lived in Trembovla and because it was an unlearned place he built a Beit Midrash with a large library there using his own money. In his book Machaneh Aron (also printed that year in Aleksnitz), his yichus is noted: “direct line from the HaLevushim [Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh] on his father’s side, and his father’s mother was the daughter of Rabbi HaMeor HaGadol, who was Av Beit Din in Stanov, brother of the famous Av Beit Din of Ostri, great-grandchild of the Teshuvat Rashach. On his mother’s side he is the descendent of the Gaon Chassid Wolf, Av Beit Din of Alik, son-in-law of the Maharshal.

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