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Gold decoration given to Ze'ev Jabotinsky by the Beitar youth group in Warsaw - 'Brith hakanahim' - 1931

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Gold decoration [SIGNED 833]  given as a Gift to Ze'ev Jabotinsky on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his birth by the group of Beitar in Warsaw - Barak' - 'Brith hakanahim' [Alliance of the Fanatics], 1931.

A decoration made of four gold plates on two pieces of fabric in different shades of green and blue. On the front of the golden plates are the inscriptions: "kanahim", "Zelotia", "Warsaw" and a plaque with the emblem of the movement. In their backs are the inscriptions: "To the The fiftieth anniversary  of Mr. Z. Jabotinsky our Excellency", The four pieces of gold are signed 833. The head of the decoration is a tiny chain for hanging.

The Alliance of the fanatic was founded in the early 1930s, on the basis of the principles of the Betar movement and in fact constituted the most militant Betar movement. At the 17th Zionist Congress held in Basel in July 1931, the Revisionists demanded that Congress explicitly formulate the "ultimate goal" of Zionism: the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. But the Labor faction proposed not to put Jabotinsky's vote at all, and she won a majority of 121 to 57. In response, Jabotinsky rose from his chair and called, "This is not a Zionist Congress!" In a protesting act, He tore up his pivot card And left the hall, followed by all his party delegates. In 1931-1932 Jabotinsky led the Revisionist Zionists The Revisionists formed the line by which the faction must take its own initiative, declaring that the ultimate objective of Zionism was the establishment of a Hebrew state, and the sub-group, the Baraq, the Alliance of the Zealots, was established.

The sole and declared purpose was to establish a generation of young fighters for the building of the Jewish state, which set a supreme goal for the building of the homeland over the needs of the individual. The movement aims to create ' a solid core of exemplary Hebrew youth. Enthusiastic and daring. gives his soul to the people and freedom. Meat from the flesh and spirit of the ancient zealots "(from the principles of movement). The main points of the movement's plan were: the creation of a Hebrew state on both banks of the Jordan River, and the largest of the Hebrew youth in a pioneering nationalist spirit on the foundations of the tripartite revival of the people, the land, and the Hebrew language. The song of the thugs, which became the anthem of the movement, was sung in all its congregations. To redeem our ancient land ... in blood and fire Judah fell and blood and fire Judah will rise '].

The movement was divided into different age groups - Grade A for ages 12-14, Grade B for ages 14-16, and the highest age group for ages 16-18. The company was divided into three levels of education: scouts, pioneers, defenders, each headed by the head of the company. The outfit was a Ramon-colored shirt with a blue tie, a turban with a black band and lamp. After its expansion, the movement held branches in several countries including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Eastern Galicia, Poland, Lithuania, France, Romania and Palestine. They published a monthly in Hebrew and Yiddish in the Warsaw press, held world conferences under the leadership of the movement's "High Command" and conducted extensive daily cultural activities, including lectures, Hebrew language and Hebrew history, national cultural events, and more. During the Holocaust, its activities ceased due to Nazi persecution and the few who survived immigrated to Eretz Israel and established the Barkan kibbutz in Beer Yaakov. For more information about the movement, see enclosed material.

The golden decoration before us was given to Jabotinsky in the cradle of the movement's earliest nests, when it numbered only a few dozen members, hence its importance, apart from being a major historical item.

Size: 2x10 cm.

Rare item, in very fine condition.

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