Аукцион 23 Books, Kodesh books, Hassidic books, Rabbinical letters, Manuscripts, Judaika objects and more
13.5.19 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Harav Kook Street 10 Bnei Brak
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ЛОТ 002:

Collection of 26 books from Jerusalem printings, some rare and special.

Стартовая цена:
$ 250
Комиссия аукционного дома: 20%
НДС: Только на комиссию

1. Tomer Devorah by the Ramak—Jerusalem 1910. Without binding, pages disconnected. 2, 18 pages. 2. Pamphlet, “ShuviShuviHaShulamit,” the opening to the book Da’atu’Tevuna by Rabbi Yosef Haim of Baghdad, the Ben Ish Hai. To draw attention to the responsibility for learning the Kabbalah. Publishe by the Sha’arHaShamayimkabbalistic yeshiva. Jerusalem 1911. Partially missing copy (a number of pages in the middle), attributed ownership (stamped) by Rabbi Shimon Zvi Horwitz, a Ram of the Sha’arHaShamayim yeshiva, author of the Shem MiShimon, the Or HaMeir, and KolMevaser. 3. She’elotv’Tshuvot Min HaShamayim, Jerusalem 1914. 16 pages. Indices not cut. 4. DivreiGedalya, section 2—Jerusalem 1915. Not bound. 60 pages. Pages disconnected. 5. ChemdatZvi on the Torah—Jerusalem 1933. Not bound, pages disconnected. 6. Achot Yehuda—Jerusalem 1931. Jacket binding. 7. Yagel Yaakov by the KafHaChayyim—Jerusalem 1906. 8. PitgameiHAMelechShlomouMosro—Jerusalem 1929. Jacket binding, torn at the edges. 9. MishleiSho’alim—Jerusalem 1920. 10. Ohel Yosef, first section, on the book OhelMoed of Rabbi Avraham Bik—Jerusalem 1882. Missing the title page, various tears. 11. Minchat Eliezer by Rabbi Eliezer Yedid, on the family tree of the Maharhav. 1910. Cover disconnected. 12. TzirNe’eman—Jerusalem 1899. Articles and drashot by Rabbi Yehoshua Ze’ev (Avner) Zissenwein. Additional cover printed with colors, probably the first colored cover printed in Jerusalem. Endorsements from Israel and abroad. Towards the end of the book is printed a pamphlet with the list of donors, most from the United States, close to one thousand names of American Jews. With a history of Jerusalem and miniature illustrations. Interesting inscription: “I bought from the widow of the author.” Defective binding, pages disconnected. 13. Tza’akatBneiYisrael—Jerusalem 1924. Disconnected binding. 14. Shmuel 1-2 with translation to Bukhari. Jerusalem 1907. Pages and cover disconnected. 15. Nahalat Binyamin—1927. Tears, various stamps of ownership. 16. DivreiHizkiyahu—Jerusalem 1935 with dedication of the author on the back of the cover. 17. NerMa’aravi, third section—Jerusalem 1932. 18. Shulchan HaMa’aracha, first section—Jerusalem 1931. 19. 36 Sha’arim—Jerusalem 1940. 20. DoreshBa’adi—Jerusalem 1913. 21. Na’ehDoresh—Jerusalem 1933 22. Yedei Eliyahu, third section. Jerusalem 1937. Damage from moisture 23. Ruach Chachamim—1933 24. Sha’ar Yosef—Jerusaelm 1943. 25. TikkuneiHaZohar—Jerusalem 1909. 26. Ein Tarshish, third section. Jerusalem 1938. Varying conditions.