Аукцион 8 Israeli and Jewish Culture and History, Collectibles
13.3.19 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Klil, Western Galilee
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Herzl - Altneuland, Yiddish, New York - Rare Copy with 488 pp, with Handwritten Remarks.

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טהעאדאר הערצל - אלטניילאנד, ראמאן. 
New York: Hebrew Publishing Company, No Year. 488 pp. 
Handwritten proof in several places in the book, in one place they are signed Y.D. 
The firstYiddish edition used Isidor Eliashov's (Baal Machshavot) translation which was first published in Warsaw in 1902 in an edition of 488 pp. 
In the U.S. the book was first published in 1905 in an edition with 286 pp. The edition offered here is a US copy, undated, containing 488 pp. 
In addition this copy contains old pen marks and corrections and additions in handwriting. In several places a paragraph is marked with the remark ""Tsum Referat"". The marks and corrections appear only in the first three sections of the book. Perhaps these are ideas for alterations from the original translation.