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LOT 211:

Large Printed Poster - Emissary Letter for Rabbi Yom Tov Algazi and Rabbi Yaakov Chazan on Behalf of the Jewish ...

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Large Printed Poster - Emissary Letter for Rabbi Yom Tov Algazi and Rabbi Yaakov Chazan on Behalf of the Jewish Settlement in Jerusalem - Constantinople, 1771
"Strengthen weak hands, and fortify faltering knees - Bring joy to Jerusalem - Give honor to G-d, seek the wellbeing of Jerusalem" - Large printed poster, emissary letter for R. Yom Tov Algazi and R. Yaakov Chazan, on a fundraising mission for the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. [Constantinople, 1771]. With the printed signatures of the administrators of the Jerusalem fund in Constantinople. Printed at the foot of the letter - a recommendation by the rabbis of Constantinople: R. Shlomo son of R. Chaim Alfandari, R. Chaim Moda'i, R. Shlomo Kimchi and R. Refael Yitzchak Yerushalmi. Between the years 1770 and 1775, two emissaries from Jerusalem set out for Europe: the kabbalist R. Yom Tov (Maharit) Algazi (1727-1802), foremost Jerusalem Torah scholar, friend of the Chida, and his colleague R. Yaakov Chazan, also a leading Jerusalem rabbi (d. 1802). During the course of their mission, they reached Turkey, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Poland and other European and North-African countries. R. Yom Tov Algazi was the son of R. Yisrael Yaakov Algazi, Rishon LeTzion of Jerusalem. He was a disciple of R. Yonah Navon author of Nechpa BaKesef, and of the Rashash in the Beit Kel yeshiva of kabbalists. During the course of this mission, the Maharit Algazi discovered the manuscript of laws of Nedarim and Bechorot by the Ramban, and later published it together with his renowned commentary Hilchot Yom Tov. While in Frankfurt am Main the Chatam Sofer met him, and described him and his composition in enthusiastic terms: "I knew him previously, while he served as emissary of Eretz Israel here in Frankfurt… and the land was illuminated from his honor, yet it has not attained half the respect due to him, as one can see from this work, Hilchot Yom Tov on Bechorot and Challa… and since the Mishneh LaMelech book, no work has come close to this". Upon his return to Jerusalem, R. Yom Tov Algazi was appointed dean of the Beit Kel yeshiva for kabbalists, and in 1882, he was appointed Rishon LeTzion. He also authored: Simchat Yom Tov, Kedushat Yom Tov, Yom Tov DeRabbanan, and others. 48X36.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Marginal tears and wear. Folding marks.

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