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LOT 95:

Levush - Venice, 1620 - Complete Set in Two Volumes - Signatures and Glosses

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Sold for: $900
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$ 800
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VAT: On commission only

Sifrei HaLevushim, by R. Mordechai Yoffe. Four parts: Levush HaTechelet and Levush HaChur - Orach Chaim; Levush Ateret Zahav - Yoreh De'ah; Levush HaButz VehaArgaman - Even HaEzer; Levush Ir Shushan - Choshen Mishpat. Venice: Giovanni Cajon for Bragadini, 1620. Complete set of the Levush on the four parts of the Tur, in two volumes. The Orach Chaim section begins with the foreword of the proofreader, R. Yehuda Aryeh of Modena. An approbation by Venetian rabbis, including R. Yehuda Aryeh Modena, appears at the end of the Even HaEzer section. A handwritten inscription at the end of the indexes of the Orach Chaim section states that the last leaf of the indexes is missing. The inscription was written in "Torino, 1898", by "Yehuda HaLevi Getz son of Shlomo". An early inscription at the foot of the title page of the second volume records the purchase of the book on 11th Adar I 1696, signed: "So says Yehoshua son of R. Yaakov Moshe Avraham Charleville". Other (deleted) ownership inscriptions on the title pages of the first volume. Glosses by various writers of various periods. 2 volumes, varying in size and condition. Vol. I (Orach Chaim and Yoreh De'ah): 201, [1] leaves; 148, [2] leaves. Lacking leaf [2] of the indexes of Orach Chaim. At the beginning of the volume, thirteen empty leaves were bound, one of them containing halachic summaries in Rashi script and in Dutch. Leaf 2 was bound after leaf 4. 32.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Dampstains and wear. Tear to the title page slightly affecting the title ornament, repaired with paper. Tears to leaf 2 affecting text, repaired with paper. Open tears to several leaves affecting text, repaired with paper and text completed in Italian script. Inner and outer margins of many leaves reinforced with adhesive tape. New binding. Vol. II (Even HaEzer and Choshen Mishpat): 87 leaves; 162, [2] leaves. 33 cm. Wide margins. Good condition. Stains. Illustrated bookplate of R. Moshe Tuvia Tal, a Dutch rabbi in the 19th century - "Justus Tal" (depicting a Torah scroll, scientific instruments and a bookcase, captioned: "Beautiful is Torah study with the way of the world - Judaea Tenacitas"). Elegant copy. Early leather-covered wood binding. Ornamented spine, damaged.

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