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LOT 64:

Babylonian Talmud - Amsterdam-Frankfurt, 1714-1721 - Seventeen Tractates in Six Volumes - Original Leather Bindings

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Sold for: $1,400
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$ 800
Auction house commission: 23%
VAT: On commission only

Six volumes comprising 17 tractates of the Talmud edition printed by R. Leib son of R. Yosef Shmuel, in Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main, [1714-1721]. Fine, original leather bindings. 1-2. Tractate Berachot and Mishnayot Order Zera'im, with commentaries. Amsterdam, [1714-1715]. Ownership inscriptions of "Mr. Kaufmann Ber of Neckarbischofsheim". 3-4. Tractates Shabbat and Eruvin. Amsterdam, [1715-1716]. 5-7. Tractates Yevamot and Ketubot. Amsterdam, [1716-1717]. With Tractate Kiddushin. Frankfurt am Main, [1720]. On the back endpaper, long flowery ownership inscription of "Gavriel Eisenstadt, currently in the home of the renowned leader Leib Schwab… Tuesday, 18th Cheshvan 1791". Other inscriptions and scrawls on the endpapers. 8-12. Tractates Sanhedrin, Shevuot, Makkot, Horayot, Eduyot (with Tractate Avot, Avot D'Rabbi Natan and Minor Tractates). Frankfurt am Main, [1720]. Lacking leaves 86-87 of Tractate Sanhedrin, leaves 85 and 88 were instead included twice. 13-14. Tractates Bava Batra and Avodat Kochavim (Avoda Zara). Frankfurt am Main, [1720]. Lengthy, flowery ownership inscription on the front endpaper, signed: "…I, who resides in the home of the renowned and acclaimed leader Leib Schwab…". 15-17. Tractates Zevachim, Menachot and Bechorot. Frankfurt am Main, [1720-1721]. R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib son of R. Yosef Shmuel began printing a Babylonian Talmud edition in Amsterdam, 1714. He printed 16 parts, until Tractate Ketubot, yet in 1717 he was compelled to interrupt the printing. In 1720, he resumed the printing of the rest of the volumes, from Tractate Kiddushin onwards, in Frankfurt am Main. After the entire Talmud was completed, he reprinted the tractates he had already printed in Amsterdam (see: R. N.N. Rabinowitz, Maamar Al Hadpasat HaTalmud, Jerusalem 1952, pp. 109-111). These volumes consist of some tractates printed in Amsterdam, as well as some which were printed in Frankfurt am Main, bound shortly after the printing with matching, leather-covered wood bindings. One volume contains the last tractate printed in Amsterdam (Ketubot), bound with the first tractate printed in Frankfurt (Kiddushin). 6 volumes. 32 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Tears and wear to a few leaves. Worming to several leaves. Fine, original bindings (some damaged), made from wood covered with leather, with clasp remnants.

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