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Ferrara Bible - First Edition of the Complete Spanish Translation of the Bible - Ferrara, 1553 - Incomplete Copy

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Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim translated into Spanish, Biblia en lengua española traduzida palabra por palabra dela verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados vista y examinada por el officio dela Inquisicion. [Ferrara: Duarte Pinel (Abraham Usque) for Jerónimo de Vargas (Yom Tob ben Levi Atias), 1553]. First edition presenting the Spanish translation of the entire Bible. Some fine, woodcut, ornamental initials. Several glosses and inscriptions. This is the first edition in which the entire Bible was translated to Spanish, known as the Ferrara Bible, after the town where it was printed in 1553. The publishing of this translation was initiated by the Portuguese printer Abraham Usque, and the Spanish publisher Yom Tob Atias, known by their 'Christian' names Duarte Pinel and Jerónimo de Vargas, names adopted due to the threats of the Inquisition. This edition was presumably intended for the use of Marranos and Jews who had fled the Spanish Inquisition. This edition was printed on high-quality paper, in an impressive folio format, the body of the text was printed in two columns, in semi-Gothic typeface. The size and beauty of this edition is reminiscent of other large and renowned translations of the Bible. This translation, reprinted in subsequent centuries, is of particular importance for Spanish speaking Jewry, due to the unique way the verses were translated, and it forming an important basis for subsequent translations. There are several known variants of this edition, featuring differences in the text of the colophon (dedications to various figures, the printers referred to by the Hebrew or 'Christian' names, and the date of printing), as well as the existence of two leaves appearing only in some copies, containing a table of Haftarot, in Spanish. Another noteworthy difference pertains to the translation of the word "Alma" in Yeshayahu, chapter 7 verse 14 (leaf 186, column 2 in this edition): One variant translates it as moça - Spanish for "young woman", one variant (the more common one in extant copies), simply transliterates the Hebrew word - "alma", thereby avoiding having to interpret it, and a third variant - the Christian one, translates it as "virgen" (virgin), following the Christian interpretation of the book of Yeshayahu. This copy belongs to the second category, and the word "alma" was used. This copy begins in the middle of the first chapter of Shemot, and ends in the middle of chapter 37 of Iyov. Apart from the lacking books, the Five Megillot are also missing, originally appearing after Divrei HaYamim. Incomplete copy. 26-240, 240-333 leaves. Altogether containing 309 leaves, out of 412 original leaves. Lacking 103 leaves: 33 leaves at the beginning, and 70 leaves at the end, including illustrated title page, introduction leaves, table of Haftarot and colophon leaf. 31 cm. Fair condition. Stains and wear. Many stains, extensive wear and creases to some leaves. Many tears and worming in several places, affecting text. Large open tear to one leaf, with loss of text. Detached gatherings. Without binding. See enclosed material for more information regarding the printing of this Bible, the text of the translation and the various variants.