Аукцион 27 Часть 2 Jewelry Watchs, Diamands, Gems & Minerals - Most varied! Most interesting! Most worthwhile!
25.2.19 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 Ha-Marganit St 61, Ramat Gan

Gold & Silver Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Women & Men Watchs, Diamands, Gems & Minerals.

Collection of the purchases items, from 61 Hamarganit st. Ramat Gan.

Tuesday 26-2-19 between 11:00-19:00

Wednesday 27-2-19 between 11:00-19:00

Thursday 28-2-19 between 11:00-15:00

Friday 1-3-19 between 10:00-14:00

Sunday 3-3-19 between 11:00-19:00

From Monday 4-3-19 Collection in advance phone call.

All purchase must to be paid and taken until Monday 4-3-19!

We can deliver you the items at cost of 60 nis. with "Doar Shlihim"!

Items over 60cm. at special delivery - cost per delivery.

For out of Israel we deliver only with a minimum perches of $500 with EMS at cost price.

We do not have any responsibility for items in delivery.

1$ = 3.62 N.I.S.

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ЛОТ 502:

טבעת זהב 10K, טופז ריינבו ודיאמנטים, מידה 55

Продан за: $50
Стартовая цена:
$ 40
Комиссия аукционного дома: 18% Подробнее
НДС: 17% Только на комиссию

טבעת זהב 10K, טופז ריינבו ודיאמנטים, מידה 55