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Hovevei Zion Ledger – Handwritten Report – Odessa, 1888

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A report, handwritten on lined paper, listing the income and expenses of the Hovevei Zion branch in Odessa for the years 5647-5648 (1887-1888). [Odessa?, 1888?].
The report contains two pages of expenses and two pages of income, documenting the donations and financial sources of Hovevei Zion ("Proceeds of the pictures of Montefiore", "For the Eitz Haim Yeshiva", "From the Nes Ziona Association"), as well as its activities and expenses ("for the son of Mr. Gantner of Zikhron Ya’akov for travel expenses"; "for a mare for Mr. Fishel Saliman of Yesud ha-Ma’ala"; "for the delegate that was sent in Constantinople to Baron Hirsch and the city’s dignitaries"; "for the printing of the public appeal," and more). A summary of the account at year’s end appears on the last page – a modest surplus of 160 rubles.
At the beginning of the report is a cover page with the title "Hovevei Zion Ledger", with three other reports that the movement published that year listed beneath. A note appears at the bottom of the page. It states: "Each part [=report] will be sent on its own… to the treasurers and to the associations that sent their money to Odessa and to Paris, and to the associations that stopped sending their money".
[3] leaves (5 written pages), approx. 28 cm. Good-fair condition. Fold marks. Tears and open tears at the edges and along the fold lines (most of them minor, with slight damage to text). A few stains.