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Lo Nishkachech - Stamp Book - The Jewish National Fund - 1943

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Lo Nishkachech - Stamp Book - The Jewish National Fund - 1943
Pinkas Bulei HaGola - stamps for children, in this stamp cycle there are various aspects of the Diaspora, valuable and public buildings in Jewish history, works by Jewish artists, etc. [Struck, Budko, Steindhart, Mapu, Lilien, etc.].
"This stamp book is published in a time of great trouble ... Our son is bleeding at the horrors of our brothers in the Diaspora ... Now our children in the free countries are obligated to go ahead with the children of Zion, to fulfill the part of our difficult and tormented brothers, The love of their faithful brethren will be filled with love and loyalty to the distant Diaspora. "
A notebook with a place for 20 stamps, the item before us filled more than half of the stamps [11].
Condition: Good, slightly rubbed.