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Collection of Letters and Photographs from the Days of the War of Independence – Beersheba, Bror Hayil and the Negev

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17 photographs, letters and documents from the time of the War of Independence. Israel, ca. 1948.
1-6. Six handwritten letters, addressed to the soldier Eytan Priver [presumably, the actor Eytan Priver (1926-2006)]. The letters were sent by his family in Kfar Saba to Bror Hayil (kibbutz under the jurisdiction of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, established on May 5, 1948 following "Operation Avraham", the objective of which was to open the way from the center of Israel to the Negev), dated June 8-29, 1948.
Enclosed are four envelopes in which the letters were sent.
7. Handwritten letter to Eytan Priver from friends in his unit. July 27, 1948.
8. Service booklet of the soldier Yehoshua Bechar (enlisted in June 1948).
9. Work card, with the stamp of "Defense Committee, Fortifications Department" and other ink-stamps, 1948.
10. Handwritten leaf (written on both sides) – Descriptive scenes of the Negev war (including the conquest of Beersheba). Apparently, a draft for a play.
11-17. Seven photos of soldiers, some taken during training, [ca. 1948]. One has a description on verso: "Officers' supplementary program, Kfar Yonah… 1948" (three more photos bear descriptions on verso. Two are stamped on the verso).
Size and condition vary.