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Israel Zangwill – "Territorial Solution to the Jewish Question" – Vienna, 1907

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Die Territoriale Lösung der Judenfrage [The Territorial Solution to the Jewish Question], by Israel Zangwill. Published by Jüdisch-Territorialistischen Organisation für Oesterreich [Jewish territorial organization of Austria]. [Vienna, 1907]. German.
A German translation of a speech delivered by Israel Zangwill in December 1907, about the territorial solution to the Jewish question.
Israel Zangwill (1864-1926) was a Jewish-English author and a Zionist activist. Following the rejection of the Uganda plan by the seventh Zionist Congress, Zangwill left the Zionist Movement and founded the Jewish Territorial Organization – an organization which was hoping to establish a national home for the Jewish people, not necessarily in Palestine, and explored the possibility of settling Jews in different places in the world (such as the United States, Alaska, Canada, Argentina, Columbia, Angola and more).
39 pp, 18 cm. Good condition. Creases. Slight tears at margins of some of the leaves. Some stains. Cover in fair condition, stained and torn (with open tears). No spine (front and back covers are attached with three pieces of adhesive tape).