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Levant Fair - Four Original Paper Documents - 1920s and 30s

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Four original paper documents from the Levant Fair.

* Honorary entrance ticket [opens] - invitation issued on behalf of the "Levant Fair Committee" to visit the fair that was scheduled to take place between the 26th of April and the 26th of May, 1934. Official stamp of the fair inside. The blank lines for the details of the addressee have not been filled out.

* Pair of stamps with a picture of the flying camel - the Fair's emblem, 1934.

* Catalog booklet with pictures of the participants and booths at the Levant Fair in 1936. French.

* Title page of the catalog of the second Levant Fair in Palestine in [1926]. The name "Levant Fair" had not yet been coined, so the page bears the [Hebrew] words "Catalog of the exhibition and fair of the Near East in Palestine 1926."

The Levant Fair was an international trade fair held in Tel Aviv in the 1930s. The fair was preceded by an assortment of exhibitions and fairs in Tel Aviv between 1924-1929, most of which were arranged by the "Business and Manufacturing Society" that was established by Tel Aviv entrepreneurs. The 1932 fair was the first to be officially called the "Levant Fair."

Varying sizes and conditions. Overall fine condition.