Auction 5 Israeli Art Sale on Fire for the End of the Year
Dec 30, 2017 (Your local time)

We made you a wonderful sale with unique art pieces by the most promising young Israeli Artists,

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LOT 14:

Hagara Ben Yishai - photo collage and digital media 2016

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Sold for: $40
Start price:
$ 10
Estimated price:
$200 - $250
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: On commission only

Signed print 
45/33 cm 

In 2010, I graduated from Shenkar College in Israel, with a bachelor degree in graphic design.
In the past six years, I have been working as a graphic designer, illustrator and as a UI/UX
designer. In parallel to my daily work, I established a working routine in which I create collages,
illustrations, and graffiti works. At first, it was initiated in order to have a personally derived
work, but after a while, that routine took more of my time, I deepened my research and gave
it more significance.
In these artworks, I create a fantasy world, inspired by American pop themes such as tattoos,
fashion magazines, and graphic art. I use the shape and the content in order to blur borders
between sweet images to horrific dream-like scenarios and create surrealistic sub-worlds,
which are humorous and intellectual, make a lot of sense and at the same time not at all.
I find the abyss and dark sides of human beings fascinating, especially those that seem all right
from the outside. Those, which are hidden with a fake and sweet smile. Therefor I combine
humans and animals and make images that appear cute and inviting (such a woman mixed with
a bear head or a deer hitchhiking), yet a more careful look would show the woman has three
pairs of eyes and the deer is stuck in nowhere. Those mixtures evoke questions about gender,
sexuality, repulsiveness and culture.

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