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Nov 23, 2021
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LOT 40:

Hungary. Letter from Rabbi Yehudah Asad and family. Serdaheli, 1862.

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Hungary. Letter from Rabbi Yehudah Asad and family. Serdaheli, 1862.
Handwritten letter and signature of Rabbi Yehuda Assad Av Beit Din of Serdahali to his son-in-law and disciple Rabbi Aharon Bichler (Av Beit Din of Yasbrin and it's environs) and to his daughter Rebbetzin Cherel.

On the same letter, there are letters from other family members:

1.   Letter from his eldest daughter, Rebbetzin Hindel Reichhart - wife of Rabbi Yonah Reichhart Av Beit Din of Kata.

2. Letter from his daughter Fanny [Frumet] Weiner - wife of Rabbi Chaim Leib Weiner.    

3. Letter from his son-in-law Rabbi Chaim Leib Wiener - a student of  Rabbi Yehuda Assad, son of  Rabbi Natan Weiner.

4. Letter from Rabbi Moshe Assad - the youngest son of Rabbi Yehuda Assad, a student of the Ksav Sofer. His Father wrote about him: "Extraordinary in Torah and yiras shamayim".

The Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Assad Av Beit Din of Serdahali (1794-1866) is a righteous and holy man, one of the greatest Torah scholars in Hungary and one of the leaders of Hungarian Jewry.  He corresponded with thousands and fought fiercely against the Reform movement. He led the delegation to the Emperor Franz Joseph to dispel the Reform agenda, his blessing of longevity to the Emporer was fully fulfilled.

Sardahali 1862.  Page written on both sides. 13X21 cm, in R' Yehuda
Assad's letter, there is a tear with a little defect. Few holes from the ink acidity, and ink is noticeable on the other side, everything can be deciphered. His letter is in Hebrew and the others are in Yiddish.

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