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Nov 23, 2021
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LOT 26:

Rambam's commentator. Lekach tov, by Rabbi Moshe Najra - ...

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Rambam's commentator. Lekach tov, by Rabbi Moshe Najra - Constantinople 1575 - first printing

Explanations on the Parshiot and the list of mitzvos and their commentary according to the Rambam on each parsha by Rabbi Moshe Nagara, disciple of the holy Ar"i 

The author, Rabbi Moshe Najara, one of the sages of Safed during the time of Beit Yosef and HaMabi"t, and student of the Ar"i, father of the well-known Kabbalistic poet Rabbi Yisrael Najara, author of 'Ya Ribon Olam', served at the end of his life as a rabbi in Damascus and is buried there, tammuz 1581.
The Hida in one of his seforim praises this book in that it combines the oral Torah and the written Torah and wrote 'Blessed is the man who gains from his knowledge'.

Constantinople 1575 - First printing. 138 [8] leaves 31cm
The Yavetz brothers' printing press.
Water stains on the lower margins as well as moth damage that was blocked on a
few leaves, elegant leather binding in blue and gold.

Ancient owner's signature Shmuel Flornitin

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