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Nov 23, 2021
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Rare! Yosef Da'as- Many Etchings and Drawings – Prague, 5369. [1609].

Yosef Da'at. Corrections of ...

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Rare! Yosef Da'as- Many Etchings and Drawings – Prague, 5369. [1609].

Yosef Da'at. Corrections of errors, glosses and changes according to accurate versions of Rashi's commentary on the Torah based on earlier additions and manuscripts, with all the necessary drawings to understand Rashi's commentary

 By Rabbi Yosef son of Rabbi Issachar, a student of the Maharal from Prague.

Rabbi Yosef ben Issachar Miklish (1580 - 1654) torah sage born in Prague,   student of the Maharal of Prague and of Rabbi Ephraim Lonchitz, the author of the "Klai Yakar". In the beginning of the sefer it states that the sefer was pblished with the endorsements of his Rabbanim. The Author toiled to correct errors found in Rashi's commentary on the Torah and for this purpose he used ancient editions as well as an ancient manuscript from the 14th century that he found in Lublin next to each correction he indicates the source.

Among the pages of the book are many illustrations and engravings, as the author writes in his introduction, that he  added drawings for the benefit of Cheder teachers, including: Jacob's ladder, Lechem HaPanim, the Shulchan, Menorah, map of the journeys of the Jews. 

Some of the drawings are on an amazing artistic level, some of the drawings are over an entire page.


Prague, 1609. 152 leaves. The folded leaf is cut and half is missing. 17.5 cm. New fabric cover. Many aging-stains. Good condition.

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