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LOT 38:

Yesod Yosef. Rare First Edition! Frankfurt, 1679.

Rare sefer discusses the sin of pgam habris ...

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Yesod Yosef. Rare First Edition! Frankfurt, 1679.

Rare sefer discusses the sin of pgam habris and the spiritual acts that atone for it. Written by the renowned tzaddik, Harav Yosef Dayan of Posen.

Yesod Yosef is divided into three sections:

1. Qualities and actions that lead to this sin
2. Severity of the sin and its punishment
3. Spiritual rectifications for this sin (largest section)

Harav Yosef Dayan was a distinguished dayan and lecturer in Posen for nearly forty years, until his passing in 1699. He studied under the tutelage of his cousin, the great kabbalist Maharam Papiras as stated on the title page and on page 4a, where he credits him for teaching him the now-famous segulah of reciting ‘Brich Shmei’ at the time when the Sefer Torah is removed from the Ark as a means of atoning for the sin of pgam habris. He notes that he copied the text of ‘Brich Shmei’ directly from Maharam Papiras’ personal copy of the Zohar, and that the passage comprises exactly 130 words.The latter comment was intended to resolve the debate regarding the precise text of ‘Brich Shmei.’

Frankfurt an der Oder, 1679. First Edition. [16] leaves. Page size: 18cm. Future editions of this sefer were printed along with various supplements including Chad MiRabanan. The present edition of Yesod Yosef, as published by the author, was never reprinted again. New binding. Stains at margins. Amendments and restorations in margins only.


Yesod Yosef is the first sefer dedicated exclusively to this subject. The author’s writings were universally accepted by all Jewish communities and are quoted in works of chassidus and mussar. Some of the greatest Poskim, among them the Chayei Adam and Harav Shlomo Ganzfried in his Kitzur Shulchan Aruch cite the spiritual rectifications that Harav Yosef Dayan includes in this sefer.


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