Auction 8 Rabbinic literature and rare and special letters
Apr 11, 2021
 Chana Senesh 24, Bnay Barak
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LOT 34:

Letter from Rabbi Moshe Berdugo (the Mashbi"r) and Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar, one of the greatest rabbis of Morocco

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Letter from Rabbi Moshe Berdugo (the Mashbi"r) and Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar, one of the greatest rabbis of Morocco
The great Rabbi Moshe Berdugo, head of the Beit Din and Meknes (died 1691), was known as the Mashbi"r. The patriarch of the Berdugo family of rabbis. One of the greatest sages of Morocco.
His closest friend was the holy Ohr Hachayim, Rabbi Chaim ben Attar, who wrote of him, “A great chacham, very pious and a Torah giant in Israel, who I love like myself, the honorable Rabbi Moshe Berdugo.”
In his book, Hafetz Hashem, the Or Hachaim similarly wrote: “The presence of divine spirit in the synagogue was a regular occurrence for me and my big brother, the greatest of the chachamim, Rabbi Moshe Berdugo, whose soul is bound up with my soul.”
The great Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar, head of the Fez Beit Din (1655-1732), a descendent of the holy Ohr Hakadosh and one of the rabbis who wrote an approbation for his book, Hafetz Hashem, was renowned throughout the western countries as a holy, pious man and miracle worker, who merited to see Eliyahu HaNavi.
“He knew how to work miracles and my ears heard the wonders that happened to him during his lifetime and even after his passing, from people who prayed at his grave or those who invoked his name.
Rabbi Moshe Adahan, the head of the Meknes Beit Din (died 1737) was renowned as a holy man of G-d who served as a rabbi alongside Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar and took over his position as rabbi of Meknes after his death.
The content of this manuscript: A psak din on a dispute over the meat tax.
Page 1: A psak, handwritten and signed by Rabbi Moshe Berdugo and Rabbi Adahan. Psak din, handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar.
Page 2: Psak din by Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar, written by a scribe.
Page 3: Short note in the handwriting of Rabby Yaakov ben Tzur. The handwriting and signature of Rabbi Yehuda ben Attar, with two more short additions, handwritten and signed (a total of four signatures – two with his full name and two with only ‘Yehuda.’)
3 leaves. Each leaf is 20 X 14 cm. Restored edges. Some margins incomplete.

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