Auction 1 Ornaments Books and Collectibles
Jan 6, 2021
 פעמונית 20 יקנעם עילית

Every endeavour is made to keep the product information complete and correct,

however, Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings.

Delivery prices for deliveries within the country:

1. Large items can be self-collected .

2. Every shipment by Israel Post is sent with a tracking number.

3. Paintings and other items that require special packaging:

     By courier only, cost of delivery: 100 NIS. 

4. Delivery ofexpencive jewelry, gold items or purchases of 300 NIS or more

by courier only, shipping cost: 50 NIS

5. Registered mail (up to 2.5 kg): 25 NIS

6. Courier mail: 50 NIS for a reasonably sized package.

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LOT 2:

תקליט "אחותי הקטנה ועוד שירים לילדים" 7 אינטש 

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Start price:
$ 5
Auction house commission: 0% More details
VAT: 17% On commission only

תקליט "אחותי הקטנה ועוד שירים לילדים" 7 אינטש 

מצב התקליט: VG+

מצב העטיפה: VG+

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