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Nov 25, 2020 (your local time)
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LOT 005:

Collection of books from Jerusalem printings including the polemical work Milchemet Yaavetz with the author’s ...

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$ 100
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Collection of books from Jerusalem printings including the polemical work Milchemet Yaavetz with the author’s handwritten signature
1. Mishneh L’Melech Acharon, on the commentary Mishneh LaMelech on the Rambam including a pamphlet “Eleh HaMizvot” on the regular (tadir) mitzvot, by Rabbi Mordechai Luria—only edition, Jerusalem 1905. 6, 12, 19-84 leaves. Detached binding.
2. Volume with the books: a) Sefer HaLikkutim, a collection of old midrashim and various articles, including Midrash Tanchuma and Hilamdenu, by Rabbi Dr. Elazar HaLevi Greenhot, including notes by Shlomo Buber. Only edition, Jerusalem 1989. [1], 51 pages, 2-26 leaves, 10 [1] leaves. B) Sefer Merkava Shlomo, including a Baraita from the Tana’im Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yishmael Kohen Gadol and more. Published by Shlomo Musyasof from manuscripts that were in his geniza. Only edition, Jerusalem 1921. [2], 12, [1] page. 44 leaves. Tear on the title page. C) Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer with the Biur Maspik—Warsaw 1879. 112 pages. 2 pages bound out of place. Tears and light defects.
3. Volume with the books: A) Megillat Shir HaShirim with the Sforno’s exegesis. Koenigsberg 1845. 24 pages. Stains. B) Sefer Milchama bShalom, biblical stories written in a literary fashion. Warsaw 1883. 33 leaves. Tears and tape. C) Pamphlet Kvod Melachim, against those decrying the burning of expensive clothes at the Rashbi’s hilula, by Rabbi Shmuel Heller, Tzfat rabbi—second edition, Jerusalem 1914. [2], 7 [1] leaves. D) Halachot Brachot of the Ritba, Jerusalem 1914. [1], 16 leaves. E) Seder HaPurim HaMeshulash with the pamphlet Pesach Me’uvin on Erev Pesach that falls on Shabbos, by Rabbi Haim Berlin. Jerusalem 1910. 8 pages, gilded titles. F) Two copies of the pamphlet on the kashrut approval of oil made from dried sesame that was not guarded for Pesach at an oil factory of the Breslev brothers in Yafo, with the kosher certificate of Rav Kook and his psak and other things from the Beit Din Ashkenazi in Jerusalem led by Rabbi Lipman David Shobkes, Yafo 1909. 24 pages. One of the copies has a tear and tape on the first page. G) Pamphlet: Milchemet Yaavetz “answering based on halacha the words of the sages [Menachem Menchin Halperin] with whom he argued…Rabbeinu Yaakov Yaavetz about the bitter and difficult things that he wrote on Chemdat HaYamim…” by Rabbi Mordechai Luria, first edition, Jerusalem 1914. Introduction has the author’s signature (Rabbi Mordechai Luria) With illustrations of the Temple and Rachel’s Tomb. 24 leaves. H) Sefer Smach Nefesh, halachot of brachot and more by Rabbi Shalom Moshe Hai Gain, grandson of the Rashash. Only edition, Jerusalem 1903. [3], 89 leaves. The back of the title page has a LaMenatze’ach illustration in the shape of a menorah. Tear and tape (small) on the first page. Tape and missing part of page on the last page.
Various conditions, overall good. Details about special damage to each book is included above.

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