Auction 24 Contemporary Israeli Art
Nov 28, 2020 (your local time)
 רמת גן

Kookoo's 24 sale will present you with artists who are currently working in the Israeli art field, creating in the current challenging situation Israeli contemporary art.

The catalog in front of you was created with the idea of ​​grouping together good art that will also put a smile on your face and upgrade your stay at home to a more pleasant one and also be a wise investment.

We will introduce you to Katia Lifshin through spectacular oil paintings by the talented 27-year-old artist,

Shila Oringer creates something out of nothing and gives a second life to worn and abandoned objects and the result - exciting,

The painter Yonatan Becker who traveled to the island of Lesbos and painted the children of the refugees and the landscapes of the island,

Meet Naomi Shalev, who is without a doubt the best and most interesting collage artist in the country,

Painter and tattoo artist Eli Nissenbaum, who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox family in Jerusalem with 7 works in this sale,

Mor Rimmer is an exceptional Haifa artist with two excellent oil works,

We will also introduce you to Ayala Tal, who creates intuitive works with news from the future,

Oren Markovich with three strong and colorful works in this sale,

And Shaul Cohen illuminates our lives with three-dimensional and illuminating sculpture of the Green House in Jaffa, and Levontin 14!

The sale is full of excellent Israeli art, especially for you, enjoy :)

* Delivery with a courier to the house for only NIS 39

* For all inquiries 0558859447 (Lisa)

The auction has ended

LOT 45:

Tali Ben-Eliezer
''On Hold'' 2020

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Start price:
$ 450
Estimated price:
$600 - $750
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: 17% On commission only

''On Hold'' 2020
Acrylic on canvas    
50/50 cm 
Signed Front 

Tali Ben-Eliezer, born in 76. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Autodidactic is primarily concerned with figurative painting with the effects of illustration. The topics that concern her are characterized by a lot of black humor, sarcasm and opal. (We in Coco are dead on it) In the works, Tali describes her personal life, every job - story.

'' My work starts many times from a place that is self-conscious but free and liberated and only then does it pass through filters of analysis and thinking. My work emerges from seemingly banal experiences of existence that encounter a lot of absurdity and irony. I try to touch on human, emotional, intimate or social existence experiences through a black humor perspective as a strategy for dealing with the more complex content in reality.

My artistic language intersects with graphics and illustration. The semi-naive visibility combined with more realistic elements, for me, sharpens the contrast between content and form. That is to say, in the form, there is something direct, 'simple' or 'naive' but the content is complex, dark and sometimes morbid.

Many times in my creative work I incorporate text related to pop culture and everyday life. Our existence within a consumer culture exists in almost every work, even if it describes a very intimate and personal moment. The individual always exists within the company and at the same time strives to be cut off from it. My works have a constant tension between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between drawing and painting, and between realistic and surreal. For me, the contrast between the different elements creates a toughness and tenderness that work together and serve the same message. ''

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