Leilão 123 The Asian story
18.10.20 (na sua hora local)
 Ibn Gabirol St 71, Tel Aviv-Yafo, floor -2, row 15 (in the paring) Israel

Alma is honored to present to the Israeli public and the general International collecting community, -”An Asian Story”. An auction catalog where the Far East meets Middle East. Bronze Buddhas, Hetian Jade snuff bottles, old Chinese calligraphic scrolls and much more, sourced from all over Israel. The diverse collection is not the product of one homogeneous collection; rather the catalog was composed and curated from over 40 different collections, including: Several old collections from the Jewish Harbin community in China, An old Shanghai business mans collection and much more. Alma is proud to showcase the rich material culture of the Far East that has made its way to our small corner of the world.

This is a unique opportunity for collectors and Asian enthusiasts to enrich their collection with fine authentic items. An auction of this diversity and continuity rarely presents itself to the Israeli public.

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LOTE 33:

a pair of antique Chinese beautiful, well carved cinnabar vases Republic period

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$ 400
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identificações: Extremo Oriente

a pair of antique Chinese beautiful, well carved cinnabar vases Republic period
A pair of antique Chinese beautiful, well carved cinnabar vases.
Republic period.
The gourd shaped vases are carved out of natural cinnabar. The body of the vase is made of enameled and gilded bronze. One , top part portraying a teacher and a disciple, on both sides, walking in the garden. bottom part, on one side depicting 2 scholars playing chess, on the other side, a sage with a disciple, crossing a bridge.
The other vase , at the top, the disciple pointing at the rocks to his teacher, on the other side, the disciple is carrying a musical instrument and talking with his teacher. At the bottom part, sage and disciple walking in the garden. The other side depicting 2 young scholars playing chess.
Size each 31.5x14 cm