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LOT 579:

Seven Volumes of the 'Be'ur' (Commentary) – Wien 1833-34 – Remarkebale Edition with Original Leather Cover

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Seven volumes of the set of Moshe ben Menachem Mendelsohn's commentary.
Mendelsohn was an orthodox Jew. The Chatam Sofer even added "Reb" to his name as well as many other rabbis. However, Mendelsohn's worldview and lifestyle constituted the early Enlightenment Movement; he befriended the greatest German philosophers and found pleasure in their worldview. The great rabbis of the time followed this movement with growing anxiety. Several years later, when his followers abandoned Judaism, he became, in the eyes of many, the symbol of all that was corrupting in the Enlightenment.
One of his greatest enterprises was the commentary on the bible. His object was double: first, to translate the bible to German, which was the modern language spoken by the intellectuals at the time. This, of course, reminded the situation of translating the bible into Greek. His second object was to compose a new commentary, explaining the literary meaning and the language and grammar of the bible.
Most of the commentary was not written by Mendelsohn but by his students and assistants; yet he was the one who outlined the method and wrote the commentary on the Torah and Song of Songs. He also wrote the translation of Psalms. The rest, although it was written by his students, is named after him.
The edition before us is remarkable: on each volume there is an engraving describing an interesting event in the book. All volumes have their original, elegant cover.
A. Joshua and Judges. Translation and commentary: Reb Meir Abernik. 161 pp.
B. Jeremiah. Translation and Commentary: Yehuda Leib ben Ze'ev. 183 pp.
C. Psalms part A. Translation: Mendelsohn. Commentary: Reb Yodel Brill. 170 pp.
D. Psalms part B. 173 pp.
E. Chronicles A and B. Translation and Commentary: Reb Yehuda ben Jonah Yeitlesh. 232 pp.
F. Proverbs. Translation and Commentary: Rabbi Yitzchak Eichel. 129 pp.
G. Job. Translation and Commentary: Yehuda Leib ben Ze'ev. 96 pp.
Condition: Excellent. Original leather covers.

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