Auction 4 Part 2 Rabbinic manuscripts, letters by rabbis, autographs, Kodesh books, inscriptions and signatures
Nov 26, 2015 (Your local time)
 Harav Maimon 2, Jerusalem
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LOT 573:

Collection of Booklets – Single, First and Rare Editions, Printed in Jerusalem in Various Years

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Sold for: $100
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$ 50
Auction house commission: 19%
VAT: On commission only

A. Zivchei Tzedek Responsa Jerusalem 1926, Single Edition
B. Faren Etemischen Mabul – Jerusalem 1953, Single Edition
C. Kavanot Niflaot – Jerusalem 1957, Single Edition
D. 'Ma Sh'Yitbeu Yishalu' Booklets – for the Haredi Community by Ha'Madrich Company. Jerusalem 1940. Single Edition
E. 'Le'Ma'an Temimin Mutim' Booklet, Jerusalem 1953, Single Edition
F. De Gzerat Orayta – Jerusalem 1931, Single Edition
G. Shivchei MAHARAM – Jerusalem 1932, First Edition
H. Kodesh Yisrael – Jerusalem 1932, Second, Rare Edition
I. Kuntras Ha'Shiurim – Jerusalem 1948, Rare Edition.
J. Derech Avot – Jerusalem 1936, Rare Edition
Condition: Good-Excellent

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