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 Harav Maimon 2, Jerusalem
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LOT 554:

Collection of Rare Books Printed in Jerusalem during the Years 1910-1930

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A. Chayei Ha'Mishna and Tzror Ha'Chaim. Jerusalem, 1928. Single Edition.
Written by Rabbi Chaim Wilstein.
"Includes an outline of the Mishnayot in the Talmud to facilitate those who want to memorize the Mishna by heart". Bound with the book 'Tzror Ha'Chaim" – for a Yahrzeit.
With the enthusiastic agreements of the rabbis of Jerusalem: rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Ha'Cohen Kook, Rabbi Sonnenfeld, and Rabbi Harlap.
At the end of the book there is a list of rabbis who paid for the book in advance. Among them: Rabbi Avraham Elyashuv, Rabbi Arye Levin, the Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Nachum, Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Ha'Cohen Kook and many more.
The names of the essays that appear in the book are printed in gold on the cover.
Single edition. In recent years, a facsimile edition has been printed.
218 pp.
Condition: Very Good.
B. Tehila Ve'Tiferet on Psalms. Jerusalem, 1914. Single Edition.
The Book of Psalms with a Kabbalist interpretation by Rabbi Yechezkel Ezra Yehoshua Ha'Levi. At the end of the book, there are Drushim by the author.
The book has two title pages. On the reverse side of the first, there is a poem by the author. Two additional poems appear after the introduction. On the last page, there is a poem in honor of Menashe Meir, with the letters of his name at the head of the stanzas.
Single edition. In recent years, a facsimile edition has been printed.
With stamps and signatures in Yemenite handwriting of the Yemenite Beit Midrash of Rabbi Avraham Elnadaf in Jerusalem.
188 pp.
Condition: Fair. Several pages are slightly detached. Clean moth damage.
C. Refua Ve'Chaim Mi'Yerushalyaim. Jerusalem, 1931. With an interesting addition at the end of the book.
"A collection of remedies, cures, talismans and destinies".
"First published in Jerusalem in 1892 by Yitzchak son of Rabbi Eliezer. Published a second time by Rabbi Eliyahu Avraham Mizrachi, 1931".
Kabbalist illustrations and sketches.
At the end of the book, in this edition, "this poem by the publisher". Acrostic of the publisher's name. At the end of the poem, he refers to the printing of the book and among others writes: "God has blessed me and enabled me to live in Jerusalem and to write the Bible, everything from Genesis to Chronicles I have written for Mr. Dr. Yosef Rivlin…" Dr. Yosef Rivlin was the father of President Reuben Rivlin.
67 pp.
Condition: Very Good. Single, tiny moth holes on a few pages and on the cover.
D. Avnei Kodesh. Jerusalem, 1934. An unfinished composition. Rare!
Commentary and novellae on Baba Metzia". Written by Rabbi Nachum Levi of Szadek (1810-1865), a genius, tzadik and kabbalist, the rabbi of Szadek in Poland. After his immigration to Israel, he was head of Polin Kolel.
The booklet also includes biblical exegesis by the author's son, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Levi.
In the introduction of the publisher, the author's grandson, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Weispish, he details the history of the family and its great rabbis.
Menorah Print of Rabbi Zalman Grossman (rare print).
Before us are 30 pp. The last page ends in the middle of a sentence. Thus, the last pages of the composition are actually missing. This occurs in the all copies printed. The cover also was meant to be temporary – a thin cover with nothing printed on it!
Condition: Good.
E. Zichron Yosef. Jerusalem, 1924. Parts A-B. Halachic, polemic composition. Rare.
Written by Rabbi Yosef Aharon Taran, rabbi and teacher and shochet in Argentine. A halachic, polemic composition on "permission to eat wild geese in Argentine, based on famous evidence from the Talmud and the Poskim … and copies of agreement of famous rabbis who permitted them being eaten, even though they are exceptional in size".
The author was born in Kiev and sent to Argentine to serve as a rabbi of the 'Sonnefeld' settlement which was founded by Baron Gunzburg. The dispute regarding the question whether it is permissible to eat the wild goose became known throughout the Jewish world and even reached the rabbis of Jerusalem.
At the beginning of the book there is a unique page with the author's picture and his life story written by his friend combined with a recommendation to read the composition.
21, 16 pp.
Condition: good. The front cover is missing. The back cover is torn.

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