Auction #14 Jacov jewelry at special opening prices in honor of the new year October 2022
By Jacov Jewelry
Oct 20, 2022
HOLON, Israel

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LOT 398:

Kabbalah wisdom medal pure silver 999 Judaism Israel New new new new comes in a fancy box.

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$ 36
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Kabbalah wisdom medal pure silver 999 Judaism Israel New new new new comes in a fancy box.
Land of Israel
Year of issue: 2009
Quality: Smooth
Metal: pure silver 999
Weight: 1.6 grams
Diameter: 13.9 mm (suitable for a pendant if you want to make a pendant)
The face of the coin: the tree of life Kabbalah
Final/Maximum Quantity: 5000
Design: Aharon Shebo, Ruben Nautils
The wisdom of Kabbalah
Official medal of the State of Israel
The Jewish secret theory (mysticism), or "inner wisdom", is called "Kabbalah" - being based on personal transmission, written or oral, from father to son, from student to student, from generation to generation, that is: from the mouth of the moralist to the ears of the "receiver". The roots of Kabbalah are deeply rooted in ancient Hebrew mysticism (since Abraham our father) and in the history of Jewish thought, but the main part of its formulation and publication was published in the late 12th and early 13th centuries in northern Spain and Provence, following the revelation of the book "The Zohar" attributed to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (The Rashbi).
Also the circulation of the basic books of Kabbalah in print, such as - "Sefer HaBahir" "Sefer Yitzira", "Perki Hachilot" and more contributed to the emergence of the Secret Doctrine from a limited circle of learned individuals in the public domain. This spiritual Torah had a huge impact on many areas of life and thought in Judaism, starting with the interpretation of the Bible, through the world of customs and Halacha, up to the order of prayer, as well as the Torah Mosar, the Torah Hasidism and more. "The Lord is always with me": for the "acceptable" - a constant mystical experience of connection with the divine and the sublime, and of a longing to eliminate the distance between and the spiritual and the manifestations of divinity in the world. In their spiritual work, they seek to reveal the divine being in the present and thereby achieve moral ascension and cling to Shekinah (in "infinitely blessed is He"). According to the sources of Judaism, the study of Kabbalah requires purification and spiritual preparation. For the purpose of distinguishing between the "disappearance" of God (which no created being has the ability to achieve) and the divine revelation, the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks in a system of unique terms called the "Ten Sefirot" which are actually the distinctions God empowers His actions, and through them He created and He leads the world. The desire to reveal the divine presence in the world is expressed through the so-called sefirats: Wisdom, Bina, Daat, Grace, Valor, Glory, Eternity, Glory, Foundation and Kingdom, when at the top of all of them there is another sefirat And above it is a "crown". The holy Ari (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi) who lived and worked in Safed in the 16th century (about 50 years after the expulsion from Spain) gave a special impetus to the wisdom of Kabbalah, through which the fate of the people of Israel can be explained and to act to hasten the redemption. His students ("Guri Ari") made the "Kabbalat Safed" the property of many in broad strata of the public. The signs of their thinking and action are still evident today in the variety of Jewish life: for example the concepts "Tikkun", "The Secret of Reduction", "The Upper Light" stored away for the righteous or the Piot The wonderful "Lacha Dodi" by Rabbi Shlomo Alkabatz, which is sung every Shabbat evening and in all Israeli communities. From a secret and limited Torah, today Kabbalah has become a sought-after wisdom that is studied and revered in Israel and the world, including among non-Jews. Kabbalah attracts all strata of the public, who find in it hope for a reformed world, in which The individual and the whole will come out of darkness into the light and find faith, calmness, happiness, joy and love.
The design of the medal was determined by a distinguished public committee headed by Rabbi Benyahu Shmuel (head of the Kabbalistic Yeshiva "Nahar Shalom" in Jerusalem) and served by: Prof. Moshe Idel, Prof. Habiva Pedia, Dr. Avraham Elkayim, Mr. Ezra Katzin and the writer Adam Baruch Z "To.
The face of the medal: in the center appears the "Tree of the Sephiroth". Each count is painted in a color typical of the degree it symbolizes according to the Kabbalah. Under the tree: the first verses of the Torah describing the creation of the world up to the words "because it is good" (without a space between the words). Between the letters of the word "Bereishit", the name of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, to whom the Zohar book is attributed, and the words "Torat Or" were combined. On both sides of the tree, the words "Kabbalah Wisdom" and in English "KABBALAH"
The back of the medal: on the right side, the full text of the psalm Psalm 66 "for the conductor of the music of a song psalm" arranged in the form of a menorah, and considered a talisman of wonderful virtue for protection and success. On the left, leaves and pomegranates, reminiscent of the important composition of Rabbi Moshe Cordoviro (Harmak) "Pomegranate Orchard" explaining the rules of Kabbalistic thought. All around, the verse "And the intelligent will shine like the brightness of the sky" (Book of Daniel 12:3) which promises a bright future to the people who deserve it, and there is also a hint in the Book of Zohar

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