Auction #14 Jacov jewelry at special opening prices in honor of the new year October 2022
By Jacov Jewelry
Oct 20, 2022
HOLON, Israel

****Jacov jewelry at special opening prices for the New Year****

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LOT 218:

Pure silver coin 900 Padion Havan tshal″4, 1974 XF condition (mint)

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$ 28
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VAT: 17% On commission only

Pure silver coin 900 Padion Havan tshal″4, 1974 XF condition (mint)
Year of issue 1974
Silver metal
Purity level: 900
Quality: Smooth
Weight: 26 grams
Diameter: 37 mm
Face value: 10 lira
Final/Maximum Quantity: 44,348
Imprint: the letter "M"
Design: Rothschild and Lipman (Rolli)
****Fedion Haban coinage 1974
The fifth "Pedion Haban" coin in the series was issued in 1974 (1974) and its issuance was stopped in preparation for the issuance of the 1975 coin.
In the upper part, on the right, the nominal value "10 lira", in the lower left part - the symbol of the country.
On the rim on the right is the word "Israel" in Arabic and Latin letters. The word "Israel" in Hebrew appears below the number "10" in the upper part of the coin. The year "1974 - 1974" - on the edge of the coin on the left.
Reverse of the coin:
On the left side, inside a sunken oval, a number of Exodus (34:20) is quoted "Every firstborn of your children shall die." The verse is decorated with five silver shekels minted in Jerusalem during the Jewish War with the Romans
(70-66 CE). The order, from left to right, clockwise, is as follows: Both sides of a shekel from 68 CE (on the back of the shekel - a branch with three pomegranates, and around the inscription "Holy Jerusalem". On the face of the shekel is a cup and the inscription "Shekel Israel", and above the cup the date "Sh. 3 year 3"). Both sides of a shekel from 66 AD (the face of the coin with the inscription "Shekel Israel", above the cup the inscription "A - Year 1". The back of the shekel
with pomegranates, and the inscription "Holy Jerusalem"). The face of the shekel from 67 C.E. (the inscription "Shekel Israel", and above for the inscription "S. 2 - Year 2"). Outside the ellipse, at the right end, the inscription "Mteva Pedion Haban".
In ordinary currency - the scope is smooth. In the khusut coin - grooved.
In the regular coin - Star of David, in the decorated coin - the letter "M", on
The face of the coin, in the center of the left rim between the dates.
Rothschild and Lippmann (Rolli).
from its nature:
The government mint in Jerusalem.
Issue name: Padion Havan 1974, 1974