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Sep 14, 2022
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LOT 175:

Eight flags for Simchat Torah - rare versions. Israel 1950s - 1970s

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Eight flags for Simchat Torah - rare versions. Israel 1950s - 1970s

8 flags for Simchat Torah - colorful lithographic print - rare versions. Israel, 1950s - 1970s. Cardboard flags for children in special designs. Four of them are rare models that do not appear in the catalog 'Flags of Simchat Torah' from Jewish folk art to the Hebrew-Israeli culture. (Eretz Israel Museum 2012).

* "Sisu VeSimchu b'eshimchat Tora Ki Shalom Al Israel" - a rare flag showing the seven reed menorah made up of a model of an Israeli Air Force plane. Israel, c. 1960s. Does not appear in the "Flags of Simchat Torah".

* Jerusalem of Gold. Children dance around the Holy Ark. One of the children is holding a flag with a picture of the Western Wall. Lithography on cardboard. Israel, 1950s. Does not appear in the "Flags of Simchat Torah".

* Children of different ethnic backgrounds hold Simchat Torah flags. Lithography on cardboard. On the right, a Yemenite in peot and traditional dress, on the left, Israeli children dressed in Hebrew Scouts. In the center is a large Star of David and inside it are many small Star of David, the Ark whose doors 'open' and behind which are hidden three Torah scrolls. In The "Flags of Simchat Torah from the Jewish Art to Israeli Hebrew Culture", Eretz Israel Museum 2012, this flag appears in a late paper version from the 1960s printed by A. Zaslansky. Before us the early original printed by him on cardboard from the 1950s.

* Simchat Torah. Jews from different communities dance in front of the Ark of the Covenant. Printing on cardboard. Israel circa 1960s. Does not appear in the "Flags of Simchat Torah".

* "VeZot HaBracha Asher berach moshe et bnei Israel". A pair of lions holding a Torah scroll. Israel, probably the 1970s. Does not appear in the "Flags of Simchat Torah".

* Children dancing in front of the Holy Ark. Lithography on cardboard. Israel, 1950s.

* "Peace". Print on three-level cardboard. Israel, the 1970s. Design: M. lion. The inscription "Shalom" flanked by a pair of doves is emblazoned at the top of the flag. A conceptual message that appeared in flags and "Shanah Tova" letters after the Six Day War.

*  A designed flag that reflects the decorative richness of the synagogue, at the expense of the typical dancers from the common "Simchat Torah" flags. Print on cardboard. Israel, 1960s.

general condition good.

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