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Josef HaGidam 43, Haifa

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“The Bidder Gallery and Auction House” was established in January 2016 by Mr. Noy Gera.

The auction house is situated in the picturesque village of Gedera. Visitors are invited to enjoy the experience of returning in time to an extensive site with a wealth of antiques, vintage items and diverse collection products.

The Bidder North is a branch of The Bidder Auction house

 "The Bidder” is not a regular auction house, and further to the auction activity, functions as a collectors’ house, offering many complementary services in the world of collectors and antiques, to both private and business customers.

The many activities of the auction house include:

- Consulting, receiving and handling the sale of collectibles, antiques and collections in the framework of online auctions, including dealing with estates, inheritances and private collections.

- Consulting, handling and accompanying the development of collections in a variety of fields.

- Organized collectors tours outside Israel. In 2017, “The Bidder” commenced collaboration with a senior interior designer, Edith Markovich, with whom 2 trips to Berlin and its surroundings (Germany) were jointly organized. In 2017, the auction house organized 2 tours, and in the coming year additional tours are planned, including new destinations.

- Digital courses to enrich knowledge in the fields of collecting.

- Providing lectures and information.

- Developing relationships with designers, interior designers and architects and helping to locate the right artefacts for different customers.

The auction house was established as a home for collectors and art lovers.

Sales activity, from its inception, has focused on local and international online sales, thereby attracting an audience of thousands of customers who constantly follow “The Bidder”s events.

The diverse fields of expertise include a wide range of topics and collections ranging through silver, porcelain, jewelry, art, Eretz Israel artifacts and Judaica as well as paperwork, stamps and so forth. The entire consultation process is carried out by assignation to experts in various fields.

Noy Gera - Background:

A third generation antiquities collector with over 20 years of extensive experience in the fields of collecting in Israel. This includes employment in two local sales houses in Israel, working with various sales houses mainly throughout Europe, and working with private collectors and merchants.

Over the years, the company has accumulated expertise in consulting, handling and assisting in the sale of thousands of collections in a variety of fields.

On the academic side, Noy has two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in management, and a master's degree in organizational consulting, specializing in personal management training for businesses.

In 2016 Noy decided that the the most appropriate way to implement all his accumulated knowledge and experience would be to open his own independent business in this field.

Under this framework, “The Bidder” offers a service to all those who live and breathe the fields of art, collecting and antiques, acting as a connecting platform between potential sellers and buyers, and training collectors and merchants to enhance their understanding of the field.

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