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Otzarot Auction House was established in 2019 by professionals with nearly 40 years of experience in Judaica, literature and Jewish art, in order to offer collectors and researchers in these areas a first-rate professional platform built on the highest levels of experience, professionalism and integrity, where interested buyers can acquire a wide variety of rare Judaica items.

Otzarot Auction House functions as a sales hub for rare and important Judaica items, fit for the tables of royalty, the desktops of researchers and the display cases of collectors, and sheds light on the history of our people, its narrative and its sages.

Otzarot’s professional staff is at the service buyers and sellers alike, researching and examining the quality and value of items that cross its doorstep, and assessing their true value accordingly before offering them for sale in the best and fairest way possible, including making the most efficient use of the various communications media, in order to give the items the proper exposure.

We will be happy to offer our services to anyone interested in Judaica and to assist with the best tools at our disposal.


We look forward to hearing from you,

Otzarot Auction House Team

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Rabbinic literature and rare and special letters

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Rare and unique Judaica items. Ornate and exquisite Bezalel creations.

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Special sale of very rare and special items
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Special sale of Judaica items and rare items of silverware. Art objects. And glassware.

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Otzarot - Asta 1

Holy books, letters from rabbanim and admoiri"m, manuscripts and precious judaica items
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