Susita Auctions

Klil, Western Galilee

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Susita Auctions offer a wide range of items – from the rare and important to the intriguing and amusing - all related to the various aspects of Israeli and Jewish culture. Besides these we offer quality collectibles in a wide variety of fields.

Alongside classical collecting areas, we offer items in areas which we feel don't get their proper place in the "respectable" Israeli collecting world, such as alternative culture, pulp fiction, Vinyl records, sports, comics etc.

We do our best to select quality items, write knowledgeable and accurate descriptions, take sharp and detailed photos, and start our items at attractive opening prices. We also do our best to give our clients a pleasant and professional service.

We are located in the Western Galilee, in the village Klil. We enable collecting purchased items in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at predetermined dates, and offer a professional and reliable courier service throughout Israel.


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Susita Auctions


Susita Auctions - Asta 12

Israeli and Jewish Culture and History - including Holocaust, Judaica and Art.

Susita Auctions - Asta 11

Jewish and Israeli Culture and History - Including Holocaust items, Israeli Entertainment, Rare Books and Paper Items.

Susita Auctions - Asta 10


Susita Auctions - Asta 9


Susita Auctions - Asta 8

Israeli and Jewish Culture and History, Collectibles

Susita Auctions - Asta 7

Israeli and Jewish History and Culture, and Collectibles - Including Rare Holocaust Items and a Coolection of Music Posters

Susita Auctions - Asta 6


Susita Auctions - Asta 5

Israeli and Jewish Cultture - An Important Poster Collection, A Struck Etching on Vellum, Israeli Left Wing Items, Holocaust Archives

Susita Auctions - Asta 4

Jewish and Israeli culture including Rabbi Elyashiv items, archive of '67 Palestinians negotiations, Isreli cinema and entertainment, rare Holocaust items, a large bookplate collection and more...

Susita Auctions - Asta 3

Jewish and Israeli Culture and Collectibles

Susita Auctions - Asta 2


Susita Auctions - Asta 1